Different Types of Toys to Enhance Your Sex Life

Different Types of Toys to Enhance Your Sex Life

Though you and your partner have a great connection – intimate and otherwise – incorporating a toy into the bedroom is a great way to add another fun element into your relationship. Once you and your partner have decided to explore the world of bedroom toys, then comes the fun part: figuring out which pleasure prop will best suit both of your needs and desires.

Luckily, sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, and types, allowing you to choose one that perfectly complements your relationship. To help you get started, take a look at some of the most popular types of toys, and you'll soon discover which one will be just the right fit for your relationship.


Toys to Enhance Your Pleasure

One of the best reasons to incorporate a toy into your intimate life is to take both you and your partner’s pleasure to a new dimension. The K-Y® Teasing Touch is perfect for the couple who is just starting their discovery with toys. With its varying speeds, and quiet vibrations, this vibrator is the ultimate discreet way to add an element of adventure to your intimacy.


You'll soon discover which one will be just the right fit for your relationship...


Toys You Can Both Use

If you're interested in trying a toy that can benefit both you and your partner, you're in luck. From penis rings to vibrators, there are a number of toys on the market these days that can be used seamlessly during sex to enhance both of your sensations. By providing dual stimulation that both you and your partner can feel, these products help bring you closer to your partner, and allow you to experience a new level of pleasure.


Toys You Can Use in the Shower

Your intimate action doesn’t need to be confined to the bedroom. Talk to your partner about exploring with toys in a new, wet locale. If you decide to explore the shower or bath, you'll need a toy that can withstand water. A number of toys are actually waterproof, like the K-Y® Ultimate Pleasure. Check the label before you buy to determine if the product can get wet, and whether or not it can be submerged if you'd like to use it in the bath.


Toys You Can Travel With

Looking for something you can take on your romantic getaway for two? You want something small and discreet, yet something strong enough to withstand the inevitable wear and tear on your luggage. A vibrator that discretely charges in a USB port – such as the K-Y® Pure Bliss – is a great toy option for jet-setter couples.


Toys That Don't Look Sexual

Different Types Of Toys For The Bedroom

If you feel sex toys just look too sexual for your taste, that’s totally okay – don’t rule them out just yet. Speak to your partner about some more discreet options that both of you would feel comfortable with. Many toy makers are actually creating sleeker, quieter, and more futuristic designs to take the potential awkward factor out of your standard vibrator. Remember, using toys in the bedroom shouldn’t be only about the physical experience, but rather just another way you and your partner connect further.



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