Fun Ways to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

You and your partner know each other so well that you can likely complete each other's sentences. Ever feel like you can read each other’s thoughts when you catch eyes across a crowded room?

This certainty about each other can be comforting and affirming. And, also pretty hot. Yet, even though you and your partner intuitively get each other, some aspects of your relationship — like your sex life — may feel a bit, well, routine sometimes. Hey, that's life. Every couple experiences a lull eventually. It doesn't mean you're unsatisfied or even bored, you're just comfortable.

Luckily, upping the ante between the sheets is easy. Here are some fun ways to shake up your bedroom activities and spice up your relationship starting tonight.


Read a Bedtime Story

By the time you get into bed, sex may be the last thing on your mind. You've got deadlines to meet at work, stuff to do around the house ... the to-do list goes on. To shift your mindset into love-mode, try reading erotic fiction together. The action in the story will likely inspire you to follow suit, and maybe even lend you a few thrilling ideas, to boot.


Swap Fantasies

Sometimes, spicing things up is a matter of tackling uncharted sexual territory. Get adventurous by asking your partner to join you in writing down a fantasy you each have and sharing them with each other. Then, carry them out over the next couple weeks. From role-playing to testing out a new prop, acting your fantasies will not only bring you closer, but they'll open up a new era of exploration.


Set the Mood

Little details can shift your mindset from expected to exciting instantly. Pretend that you're still in the throes of your early days of your relationship, when you likely spent more time seducing each other. Use whatever gets you going to encourage sexiness, like certain music that excites you, perfume, or even new underwear. And don't forget the lubricant, which can amplify the mood. (Try K-Y® YOURS + MINE®, which includes both a specially formulated version for men and one for women.)


Plan a Sexy Surprise

Shake things up by catching each other off guard. While no one ever complains about coming home to lingerie and a bedroom laden with candles, right?! But a surprise doesn't need to be elaborate to be effective. If you're typically busy at night, try making a move on your partner one morning instead. This keeps the predictable-factor at bay — you and your partner will be wondering what to expect next.


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