Improve Your Sex Life with K-Y

condom surrounded by lipsticks and lingerie

Being in a long-term relationship can be for the most part an absolutely wonderful experience filled with happiness and joy. Love-making is of course an incredibly important part of maintaining a happy and fulfilling partnership that will survive the decades. However, it’s also important to stay safe by protecting yourself and your partner from unplanned pregnancy and infections.

A condom is one of the most effective barriers at helping the aforementioned problems from becoming a reality. Here at K-Y, we’ve put together a range of ways in which condoms can help to make your love-making is even better than it already is.

Practicing safe sex is an important part of any healthy relationship whether it be brand new or long-term, but you don’t have to sacrifice fun underneath the covers in order to achieve this.

With the wide range of condoms and lubricants from K-Y, you can be sure of a product that has been designed to maximize pleasure without compromising on safety.

First, let’s take a look at some of the types of condoms and lubes on the market today:


Ribbed and Dotted Condoms

Dotted and ribbed condoms are thought to help increase stimulation because of the textured surface and are a great way to help increase pleasure and help her achieve climax. When deciding to use a ribbed or dotted condom, it is important to remember that sensations can be enhanced, so you might want to experiment with the speed of thrusts.


K-Y® Extra Lubricated® Condoms

The range of condoms from K-Y feature beautiful packaging for a truly upmarket experience. Extra Lubricated® does what it says on the pack; it provides an extra lubricated experience that helps make sex as comfortable as possible, both for her and him.



A personal lube is there to make sure that sex feels much more comfortable for both him and her. The amount of lube you both wish to use is down to personal preference but applying it liberally will help to ensure a fluid experience that retains that sense of fun that a lube can provide.

At K-Y we stock a range of silicone lubes, water-based lubes and massage gels. All of these have been created to support the natural lubrication in the body. Natural lubrication is something that differs between each individual person, whether you’re male or female, and K-Y lubes are there to supplement this. Whether you use a little or a lot, it can help to create a fun and exciting new experience to enjoy.

K-Y® Liquibeads® are also designed to simulate the natural moisture of the vagina, allowing the freedom to be spontaneous with your partner. Featuring a handy ovule insert for a less messy experience, they can be great if you’re concerned about vaginal dryness.

Using extra lube with your choice of condom may help to add a further exciting element to your love-making experience, but it’s important to experiment with as much or as little as you’d like to find what works for both of you. Make sure to check that the lube you have purchased is suitable for the condom you have picked

Of course, putting on and using a condom correctly and consistently is still a vital element remaining as safe as possible. Any undue stress on it could cause it to tear or lose effectiveness. Hold the condom by the tip and slide it down the shaft of the penis slowly. If your partner is going to put a condom on for you then make sure they know how to do it too. Make sure you read and follow any instructions carefully.

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