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K-Y Touch 2-in-1 Massage Crème & Pleasure Gel

Stimulate the millions of nerve endings in your skin with K-Y Touch 2-in-1 Massage Crème and Pleasure Gel. This crème helps ignite the intimate connection between you and your partner. The touch-activated crème stimulates the nerves near the surface of the skin, enhancing skin's sensitivity to each touch. It delivers a gentle warming sensation that is enhanced by intimate touch and massage....

K-Y Love Sensuality Couples Pleasure Gel Lube

Whether you're curious about using a pleasure gel or have used one before, K-Y LOVE Sensuality Couples Pleasure Gel can fire up the passion and variety in your relationship so you can discover each other in new ways. K-Y LOVE Sensuality makes it easy to introduce something new to your partner so that you can share new moments of romance...