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Natural Feeling Lubes

Our range of products include Natural Feeling Lube with Aloe Vera to ensure you can carry on enjoying your intimate moments free from parabens and hormones. Natural Feeling Lube is designed to enhance intimacy and protect against discomfort during sexual activity. 

K-Y Natural Feeling Personal Lube with Aloe Vera

K-Y Natural Feeling Personal Lubricant delivers multiple benefits. This longer lasting formula contains natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera. It is a water based formula that is NOT made with parabens, glycerin, hormones, alcohol or fragrances. Use this product as a gentle massage gel and personal lubricant for intimate areas. K-Y is the #1 Doctor Recommended Personal Lubricant Brand in...

K-Y Natural Feeling Personal Lube & Massage Gel with Botanical Essence

K-Y Natural Touch deliver multiple benefits to consumers, it is longer lasting formula and it contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Botanical Essences. K-Y Naturals is also free from all harmful chemicals: water Based Formula, not made with Glycerin, not made with Parabens, not made with hormones, not made with Alcohol