Why K-Y

Simple solution

  • For many women, use of K-Y can provide effective relief of vaginal dryness
  • Can enhance sexual intimacy for most patients because it can be used in addition to other treatments you may have already put them on

Trusted relief

  • No prescription needed
  • FDA cleared
  • Hormone free

K-Y Essentials Collection

personal lubricants

K-Y Ultragel

K-Y Ultragel

  • Advanced and innovative liquid gel formula
  • Offers silky lubrication to help reduce pain and dryness during sex
  • Nonsticky, nonstaining, nongreasy
  • Easy to wash off
K-Y Liquid

K-Y Liquid

  • Natural feeling
  • Enhances her own moisture
K-Y Jelly

K-Y Jelly

  • Original formula
  • Gentle and convenient
  • Quickly prepares her for intimacy

Less-mess moisturizer

K-Y Liquibeads

K-Y Liquibeads

  • Easy-to-use, discreet OVULE® insert
  • Dissolves in minutes and lasts all day and all night
  • Premium silicone formula
  • Natural-feeling moisture
  • Facilitates spontaneous intimacy

Premium silicone-based
personal lubricant

K-Y True Feel

K-Y True Feel

  • Long-lasting, silicone-based lubricant
  • Nonirritating, naturally smooth experience

Warming lubricant

K-Y Warming Liquid

K-Y Warming Liquid

  • Natural-feeling liquid
  • Gently warms up
K-Y Warming Jelly

K-Y Warming Jelly

  • Gentle warming jelly
  • Creates a soothing sensation

K-Y Intimacy Collection

K-Y Love K-Y Love

K-Y Love: Passion

K-Y Love: Sensuality

Two pleasure gels that magnify both partners' sensations to nurture passion in their relationship and leave them more connected.

K-Y Your + Mine: Couples Lubricants


  • Warming sensation for him
  • Enhances sensitivity for her
  • The two combined provide a new exciting experience for the couple
K-Y Intense: Pleasure Gely


  • Increases sensitivity to heighten feeling of pleasure
  • Homogenous clear gel consistency
*Based upon manual stimulation.
K-Y Touch: 2-in-1 Massage Crème and Pleasure Gel

K-Y TOUCH: 2-in-1 massage
crème and pleasure gel

  • Silicone based
  • Cream-based consistency
  • Touch-activated formula: magnifies skin sensitivity
  • Delivers gentle warming sensation upon contact with skin
  • Nongreasy, nonstaining formula

For an enhanced sexual experience:


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