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Menopause HEALTH

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Our range of K-Y Lubricants bring more comfort,
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K-Y® UltraGel® Personal Lubricant

Premium smooth liquid personal lubricant with non sticky, non-greasy formula

Our Best Water Based Lubricant

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K-Y® True Feel Premium Silicone Lubricant

Premium silicone lubricant that brings you closer to your partner

Natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms compatible

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K-Y® Liquid Personal Lubricant

Gentle and water based thin liquid lubricant for your comfort

Natural rubber latex condom compatible

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K-Y® Jelly Personal Lubricant

Thick gel personal lubricant with fragrance free, non-greasy, and water-based formula

Natural rubber latex condom compatible

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how your vagina changes during menopause

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4 tips to great intimacy after menopause

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how to increase sex drive during menopause


How does menopause affect sex?

Menopause affects all women, but this doesn’t mean it has to have a negative impact on your sex life! After menopause, estrogen levels in the body are lower and this can result in a few changes in your body and mind. A likely change is a decreased sex drive and although this doesn’t occur in all women, it is common after menopause. There can also be decreased blood flow to the vagina which results in vaginal dryness. When you combine these changes, sex can become a painful and unpleasant experience for many women, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the pleasure of sex.

What is the solution to vaginal dryness?

Menopause and vaginal dryness are a normal part of growing older and you shouldn’t suffer through symptoms in silence. Remember that it is a new experience for both you and your partner, but one that you can work through together. At this time in your life, you have more time on your hands to be intimate, so it is important to not lose your self-confidence or sexual confidence. Simply adding a lubricant into your bedroom routine and using it during sex can help prepare you for sexual intimacy and ease discomfort that you experience.

How can K-Y help you?

Lubricants are a simple solution to help supplement your body’s natural lubrication. At K-Y, we have a range of lubricants for menopause that are all designed with your comfort in mind. Opt for our K-Y© Liquibeads if you want to be spontaneous and have a longer lasting vaginal moisturizer that feels like your own. Choose our water-based K-Y© Ultragel lube if you want to quickly prepare for intimacy and ease the discomfort with a lubricant that's not too sticky. Discover our K-Y© Warming Jelly Lubricant that will help prevent discomfort, whilst adding heat to your intimacy.


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