5 Ways to Get Out of a Sexual Slump

5 Ways to Get Out of a Sexual SlumpBy: Julie Sprankles

When two people have been together as long as you and your significant other have, you might reach a level of comfort that leads to the occasional sexual slump. Real talk: It happens to everyone. Sometimes it's sleep that entices you to bed, as opposed to the promise of post-coital bliss. Don't fret! With a bond as strong as yours, getting your mojo back will be a cinch with these easy pointers.

Get More Sleep

It may sound counter-intuitive, but new scientific studies prove getting more shut-eye can lead to, well, not getting more shut-eye. In a survey of 171 women, the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that a woman increased her chances of having sex with her partner by 14 percent with every extra hour of sleep she scored the night before. So aim for a solid eight hours, ladies.

Step Away from the Smart Phones

As a matter of fact, just step away from technology altogether. You're going to want to hear this – in a study of 523 Italian couples, sexologist Serenella Salomoni's team found that having a TV in the bedroom seriously hinders a couple's intimacy level. "If there is no television in the bedroom, the frequency doubles," emphasizes Salomoni. In general, the artificial light emanating from TVs, smart phones and other technology both disrupts your sleep cycle and distracts you from focusing on your partner.

Give Snuggling a Chance

After a long day, sometimes the last thing you want to do is cuddle – your pillow is calling, and you must go. Consider this, though: Cuddling can kick-start your libido. "The release of oxytocin through physical contact and orgasm promotes a feeling of love [and] bonding, increasing our attachment to our partners," says clinical psychologist Silvina Irwin, Ph.D. You might not want to spoon at first, but chances are doing so will lead to more intimate activities.

Embrace Spontaneity

The days when you might tear each other's clothes off in the back of your car during a carnal fit of passion may be waning, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. And it certainly doesn't mean you can't use the same spirit of spontaneity to give your intimate life a boost. Hop in the shower with your special someone before work or offer to give them a sensual massage – steal moments as they present themselves!

Make Intimacy a Priority

It's important to remember you aren't the couple you once were (in many ways, your relationship is even healthier now). Accordingly, making love at a moment's notice isn't always possible, and intimacy can get put on the back burner. "Having children, being at the peak of your career, dealing with medical issues, or coping with depression all affect libido," says sex therapist Peter Saddington. Just as spontaneity plays a big role in your sexual appetite, prioritizing intimate time with your partner will increase your libido, which leads to fewer sexual slumps altogether.


About the Author
A native of Charleston, S.C., Julie Sprankles has been writing professionally since 2003. She received a double Bachelor of Arts in English and communications from Charleston Southern University. Formerly editor-in-chief at award-winning shelter publication "Charleston Home + Design Magazine," Sprankles now enjoys writing and editing full-time.


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