For Massaging Him

 Sit on his behind as you focus on his upper body

Relieve his tension in his back, neck and shoulders 

Release pressure in shoulder blade with gentkle, karate chop motions

Rub his chest using the tip of your fingers

Stimulate nerve endings in his nipples with delicate tugs

Remind him to focus on taking deep breathes

Stroke his temples while his head rests in your lap


For Masaging Her

Warm K-Y Love Sensuality Pleasure Gel in your hands

Massage nerve endings in each foot before moving up her calves

Knead her behind with the palms of your hands

Press the small of her back to trigger sacral nerve flow

Gently rub her inner thighs region

Caress the stomach a few inches below the navel

Pinch her fingertips, toes, nose, and earlobes


For Both

Try using K-Y Touch 2-In-1 Massage Creme & Pleasure Gel which gently intensifies sensation with every touch