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 Even if you and your partner have a great relationship, adding lubricants into the mix is one of the easiest ways to further your connection and simultaneously amplify the fun in your intimate life. And lubricants are not just for women either. Both men and women can use lubricants to help add a little more adventure to their foreplay and intimate experience.

But, before bringing lubricant into the bedroom, start a conversation with your partner to make sure you're on the same page. An honest line of communication can only help; you and your partner will understand what each other wants and grow closer because of it. Follow these steps and start drafting the next exciting chapter of your love life:

Talk to Your Partner

Any time you want to try something new in bed, it's important to talk about it in case your partner has reservations. In a comfortable setting, ask your significant other how he feels about trying a lubricant. Get the conversation started by asking him what parts of intimacy he finds most pleasurable, then talk about how lubricant might enhance those experiences. A number of lubricants, including K-Y® Yours + Mine®, offer options for both men's and women's specific needs and desires.

Just start with one or two drops and readjust as necessary...

Use Foreplay to Explore

Use foreplay as a time to discover how lubricant works for both of you. Because lubricants can get a little messy, you may want to start with only one or two drops and put a towel down. Using your hands or another tool of your choice, see how lubricant feels on different parts of your bodies. Every man, woman, body, and relationship is different, so make sure you are vocal about what feels good to you. Your partner will relish in your sentiments.

Use It During Intimacy

Using lubricant during intimacy is easy. Just start with one or two drops and readjust as necessary. Focus on the different sensations lubricant creates on your skin and try a few positions to discover how lube can enhance your pleasure from all angles. When you find something you like, share your sentiments with your partner. Afterwards, check with your partner to see what you both liked about your experience. Did you use too much? Too little? Wouldn't change a thing? As you continue to incorporate lubricant, you'll keep discovering more ways to use it and new types to try out. Remember, it’s about having fun while discovering with your partner, both emotionally and physically. All you have to do is open the bottle and start exploring.




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