4 Tips for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Experience


When you’re in a relationship, it seems like every holiday is an opportunity to let your partner know how much you care. Valentine’s Day usually requires a certain amount of romance, of course, but this special occasion also suggests taking intimacy to a different, perhaps new, level. While flowers and chocolates or a candlelit dinner are nice, if you and your partner want something more adventurous, these ideas will truly win the Cupid stamp of approval. And you’ll have created the best gift of all: blissful memories sure to last for many romantic holidays to come.

1.   Order in the Aphrodisiac Foods

Rather than dealing with the chaos of packed restaurants and price fixed menus, stay home and create a culinary feast fit for royalty – with foods commonly known as aphrodisiacs, such as oysters, strawberries, figs, and honey. No matter what you select, the fun is more about being together and preparing a romantic meal with your partner than anything else. For recipe ideas, search online, or try your hand at creating something new together.

2.   Lace Down in Lingerie

After the meal, unwrap some intimate apparel together. You could go with tried and true lingerie classics, complete with laces and bows. Or if you want to share the lingerie experience, there are selections of his-and-hers options, including role-playing garments and even edible ensembles. With so many available options, you are sure to find just the right one for you and your partner that will make you both feel comfortable. Another fun idea is to give each other intimate lingerie that you want the other person to wear. Not only does this add an element of surprise, it will also provide insight into what your partner enjoys, down to preferred colours or materials of underwear.

3.   Discover Common Fantasies Together

If you are feeling more adventurous between-the-sheets this Valentine’s Day, expose yourselves to innovative ideas for erotic adventures by presenting your partner with an erotic game or book. Try playing a romantic version of “Truth or Dare.” With every truth, you can open up more with your partner (perhaps fun stories from your college years or if you are feeling more risqué, your sexual fantasies), and with every dare, you can suggest that your partner performs a romantic or intimate act.

Or, if reading a book is more up your alley, try reading passages out of your favorite romantic novels. Light a few candles and cosy up together under a blanket while reading together or read aloud to your partner to make them feel like getting intimate.

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4.   Pack a Personal Pleasure Chest

To really heat things up, let each other know what you want in no uncertain terms with a selection of accessories designed to excite. A few to include: warming and tingling K-Y® Yours+Mine lubricant, a personal pleasure vibrator and perhaps a few products to set the mood, such as sensual massage oils and lotions. Use the time this Valentine’s Day to try something new, create a new memory and get closer to your partner.

Follow these four top tips and you and your partner will be sure to experience an unforgettable Valentine’s Day together.

About the Author

Alexa Joy Sherman is a journalist and editor who has contributed to national magazines including "Family Circle", "Fit Pregnancy", "Fitness", "Parents", "Woman's Day", and "Women's Health". She is also the published co-author of two nonfiction books for adults, as well as the author of a fiction series for teens.