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A quick squeeze of the shoulders to show your support, a light caress of the cheek on your way out of the door, a playful stroke through his hair while cuddled on the couch – touch is a great way to grow emotionally and physically in your relationship.

And, teasing your partner – or in other words, building his excitement through touch – is easier than you might think. If you want to deepen the physical passion and emotional connection between you and your partner, mastering the art of teasing will rock your couple-world. Give “you’re such a tease” a new meaning with the tips below.


Touching beginnings

A teasing touch is a highly intimate way to create a connection – both literally and otherwise – while showing your partner a little of your playful side. To start, begin with the lightest caress you can manage, and see how your partner reacts. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box either. His reactions to your touch will guide you to keep the excitement going.

Use this fun layer of touch to enhance your physical and emotional relationship...

If you pay attention, you’ll pick up on the types of touches that drive him crazy. A teasing touch doesn’t have to be in an expected place. Try lightly touching your partner on the neck, cheek, forearm, bicep, shoulders and lower back for a touch that he won't be expecting.


The almost kiss

The best way to tease and create the anticipation for more is the almost kiss. To do this: when the moment is right, slowly bring your lips closer to his and keep eye contact. Right before your mouths touch, stop; hold his gaze and graze his lips without actually kissing.

If you want to be a super tease, place kisses at the edges of his mouth or gently drag your lips down to your partner’s neck, keeping lip-to-skin contact the entire time. The anticipation will have a similar effect as physical foreplay.


The undercover tease

The undercover tease is all about subtly. There are so many ways to subtly tease your partner. A fun way to do the undercover tease is to gently press against him while you cuddle, especially if you are spooning. He’ll love the full body contact.

If you want to try something else, go for the unexpected touch. It can be as innocent as a sweet caress while at the movie theater that shows you are thinking about him or something a little sexier like reaching into your partner’s pocket, lingering for a moment and then taking the car keys.


The public sneak

You’ve probably heard about the exhilaration couples feel when they go at it in public, but if a public romp isn’t your style, teasing your partner in a less-than-private setting can also add a layer of eagerness. You can do anything from an unexpected, passionate touch to the classic pull-him-into-a-dark-corner-for-a-passionate-kiss.

Or, when you’re in a crowded space, whisper into your partner’s ear to let him know you’re going commando. And since it's the digital age, you can publicly flirt from a distance. Sending your partner a sexy text or picture during the day is the ultimate tech tease.

A K-Y sex toy is a great way to excite your partner – showing him you care and are thinking about him – but it’s also a great way to add some fun to your relationship. Remember, start slow and talk to your partner about how you can use this fun layer of touch to enhance your physical and emotional relationship.




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