5 Reasons to Try Lubricant Right Now

What is it about personal lubricants that gets such a bad rap? Is it the thought that it’s only for old folks? Or that it’s texture doesn’t get you in the mood? Or maybe you just never thought of yourself as a lubricant-a-palooza kind of girl. We get it. But lubricant has come a long way and maybe in this time of leaning in and empowerment and women on top, it’s time to learn your way around lubricant.

Here’s a list of ways lubricant can be your new BFF when it comes to rollicking romps and spectacular sex.

You’re having a dry spell. A lot of women get vaginal dryness.  In fact, hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle can effect lubrication. A little lubricant can go a long way for a more comfortable sexual experience not to mention an extremely pleasurable one. Go ahead and make it rain.

You had no idea he was so big.  His feet are on the small size but nothing else is? No problem. Lubricant can help take the pain out of sex with a well-endowed partner and make every inch count.

You’re ready for a new sensation. Even though you may not be dry during sex, you may be in the mood for something new. With so many varieties to help enhance your pleasure, get out of your comfort zone and go for yours. Your partner won’t mind one bit.

You’re feeling empowered. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants. Being your own advocate for what you want and need with your partner is incredibly hot.  With more and more women speaking up about sex, some purchasing power is in order.

You’re having some much needed me time.  Taking a time out and indulging in a little self care? Maximize your masturbation with lubricant and wonder where it’s been all your life. You’re welcome.