5 Relationship Things Guys Don't Care About

There's a reason why John Gray's "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" is still popular today: the title rings true. OK, so your man isn't really a Martian as far as you know, but sometimes it can feel like he's from another planet. Men and women are different, plain and simple. That's actually easy to understand. But what's trickier is trying to determine the things in your relationship that likely don't concern your man even though you might obsess over them.

What you order for dinner

Let's face it: men don't expect women to eat like rabbits. In fact, guys often love a lady who isn't afraid to order prime rib. He loves to eat, you love to eat – just think of it as one more thing you have in common. Of course, if you're a vegetarian or a naturally light nosher, by all means, go ahead and order that garden salad. But the point is that when you're eating out, you should order what you truly want. Your guy will be too busy enjoying his food and your company to care what's on your plate

What you're wearing

Hey, there's no shame in wanting to look good for your guy. Who among us hasn't tried on six (or maybe seven or eight) outfits before a date because you couldn't quit agonizing over what to wear? Here's the thing: guys don't dwell on what dress you're wearing. They just appreciate that you dressed up for them in the first place. So wear what makes you feel like a million bucks, not necessarily what nearly cost you that much. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can put on.

If you follow up first

Let's say that you've had a great evening out with your new guy, but didn't discuss a second date. So you're trying to pinpoint the appropriate time to follow up. Is it OK to let him know how much you enjoyed the cute little sushi spot he chose? Should you wait for his call? Breathe and reboot, beautiful. Odds are good that he's sitting in his living room waging the same internal tug-of-war that you are. Go ahead and give him a call – he'll adore you even more for taking the pressure off him.

If you're wearing makeup

Despite our best efforts to maintain appearances, men know we don't roll out of bed with flawlessly made-up faces each morning. What's more, they're cool with that. Whether you're battling a cold and can't muster the energy to powder your nose, or you just rolled out of bed and haven't opened your makeup bag yet, there's nothing wrong with being barefaced. It's honest and unfiltered, which can help strengthen your bond with your man. Also keep in mind that if you're waking up next to a guy, he'll think you're gorgeous. Period.

If you're perfect

Nobody is perfect, so don't spend every waking minute striving for that elusive goal. It's like the horizon – an invisible line that recedes as you approach it. The harder you try to cross all your t's and dot all your i's around your guy, the more likely it is that you're missing out on the good stuff that happens when you let your guard down. Remind yourself that your hair is fine. You look fantastic. Your laugh is endearing, not dorky. Stop worrying! Your guy doesn't want an illusion. He wants the real deal – he wants you.

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A native of Charleston, S.C., Julie Sprankles has been writing professionally since 2003. She received a double Bachelor of Arts in English and communications from Charleston Southern University. Formerly editor-in-chief at award-winning shelter publication "Charleston Home + Design Magazine," Sprankles now enjoys writing and editing full-time.