Having an orgasm is a wonderfully satisfying feeling that is sometimes elusive that only a few get to experience. For those who struggle to achieve the ultimate climax with their partner, the mere suggestion of wanting to improve them might seem a bit daunting. However, the truth is, that orgasms differ significantly from person to person and also vary on each occasion. In fact, no two orgasms are really ever the same. Some can last for a couple of seconds while others gradually build up over time.


Delay the pleasure

A study from the Journal of Sex Research established that if you pause during sex before you are close to reaching a climax, the eventual orgasm will be far more powerful. A concept known as ‘delayed gratification’ can be a hard technique to master; but with practice, it works equally well for both male and female orgasms.  To mast the trick of pushing yourself to the ‘edge’, have you and your partner slow down, then repeat 2 or 3 times before finishing – essentially, the longer the build-up, the greater the result.


Hit the Spot

Hitting both you and your partners G-spots can have powerful results for the both of you. How to find the G-spot may be a question on your mind. Stimulating the woman’s clitoris during intercourse produces a far more intense kind of orgasm, and can increase the intensity for her during lovemaking. While working the male equivalent – the prostate – will have a similarly intense effect on men. It can be stimulated externally by applying pressure to the perineum, which is located between the anus and the testicles. This area is packed with nerve endings and is extremely sensitive to touch.



Kegel exercises are well known to strengthen a women's pelvic floor muscles by repeatedly clenching the muscles on a daily basis. Often great for women during pregnancy or post-childbirth, kegel exercises can greatly improve orgasms too. With continued exercises, you can increase sensitivity and stimulation for a greater orgasm. What is slightly less well known is that these exercises are not just for women; there are several ways that men can contract their pelvic muscles to help improve stamina.



Admittedly, the thought of tantric sex may be too nerve-wracking for many people – perhaps too 'out there’, ‘hippy’ or ‘spiritual’. However, like yoga, controlling your breathing can have surprisingly beneficial physical results. Just before an orgasm, the breathing naturally starts to speed up as the body becomes aroused and excited. But, if the breathing can be kept slower and controlled, this will increase the flow of oxygen and blood to the genitals which in turn will make the orgasm even stronger.


Check your medication

For some, it may seem obvious and for others, they’ll be completely oblivious, but certain medications can have an adverse effect on both the male and female libido. Anti-depressants are a very common culprit to flat-line sex drive, whilst some stronger prescription painkillers can interfere and impede sensitivity and orgasm. It’s important to consult your doctor before you start any medication as they may cause an interference to your sex life.


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