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Playtime with your partner is a chance to connect and share your innermost desires. It's likely you have a special drawer for items that help facilitate fun. Easy access is key since you'd rather be spending more time being intimate and less time to scramble for what you need. Do you have these five items in your bedside drawer?


Sleeping mask

A sleeping mask will come in handy for two reasons. First, you'll need your beauty rest after a romantic evening with your honey. Second, it can double as a blindfold if you would like to connect with your partner using sensory deprivation. Either way, stash this essential item in your special drawer. First, you'll need your beauty rest after a romantic evening with your honey.



Tools like the K-Y® Teasing Touch™ Vibrator add an element of adventure in the bedroom. You can use it to tickle your partner’s senses or let him use it on you for an extra stimulating experience. Keep it within arm's reach, and be sure to have an extra pack of batteries in the drawer for good measure.



Your drawer isn't complete unless you have a bottle of K-Y® LOVE Passion Pleasure Gel handy to bring you even closer to your man. You may even want to throw in a bottle of warming lubricant for the sake of variety. You know what they say: "It's the spice of life!"



Of course, you'll need plenty of condoms to have in your collection. Choose a variety pack that offers an exciting mix for heightening pleasure and sensitivity. That way, you’ll introduce an element of surprise – you never know which one you'll pick.



While staring deeply into your partner's eyes, you may spill a little champagne or a bit too much lubricant may come out of the bottle. But if you have a box of tissues nearby, you don’t need to break your gaze. Simply grab a tissue without skipping a beat. You'll stay connected and focused in the moment.



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