5 Things to Mix Things Up in the Bedroom

Legs hanging off the end of a bed

Eating the same foods prepared the same way every day is a recipe for boring. And your bedroom life is no different. Variety brings spice to the bedroom, making intimate play more pleasurable. New experiences also get those falling-in-love hormones flowing, drawing you closer and keeping the passion alive.


The Benefits of Kissing

Kissing not only helps alleviate stress and headaches but also boosts happy hormones, making your relationship feel more fresh and fun. Kissing and cuddling for 15 minutes twice a week is a powerful way to enliven your sex life, says sex and relationship therapist Dr. Laura Berman. So go for it. Ravage your sweetie with kisses, and then ravage him some more.


Introduce Some Fun

Feeling playful? Sensual tools and products bring a sense of fun and romantic adventure to your relationship while increasing arousal and pleasure for you and your partner. Try something that you can both use and enjoy such as K-Y Warming Liquid, which provides a gentle warming sensation that builds with every touch. Since it is both as massage crème and a pleasure gel, you can take turns massaging each other and then enjoy it together during intimacy.

K-Y Warming Liquid

Turn your night into a home massage parlor and enjoy the sensuality of being close and intimate with your lover.


The Benefits of Rest & Relaxation

Making time to chill and rejuvenate may not seem all that erotic, but R&R can enhance intimacy. When your mind is buzzing after a hectic day, spend a few minutes in nature – without your cell phone or other distractions. Hold hands while enjoying a sunset. As foreplay or just for fun, give each other massages.


Live Out Your Fantasies 

Talk about your sensual desires to turn up the bedroom heat. Tell him what you’d love to experience with him, or what he’s done in the past that was a complete turn-on for you.

Also, ask him to share his wants and fantasies. Have these chats in and outside the bedroom – in whatever private place you see fit. Share sexy thoughts over breakfast, for example, and then let the anticipation of what might happen later build up all day long.


Change it Up

Exploring new locations automatically brings variety to intimate play. If you can't swing a night at a hotel, try different rooms in your house or mix things up in your bedroom. Light candles or string white holiday lights around the room for ambiance.

Play sensual music. Replace cotton sheets with silky satin ones. While you’re changing up your location, try changing up your own look, too. Wear something you wouldn't typically wear. Ask your partner for suggestions, or surprise him. He’s sure to appreciate the effort.


About the Author

August McLaughlin is a health and sexuality writer and certified nutritionist in Los Angeles. Her work is featured in numerous magazines including "Healthy Aging," "CitySmart," "DAME" and IAmThatGirl. She holds specializations in eating disorders, healthy weight management and sports nutrition and loves connecting with readers and writers via her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.