5 Top K-Y Lubes

Great lubes are your best bedroom accessory!

Lubricants can enhance intimacy, but with so many different types of lube available, from water based lube to lubricant gels, it's hard to know where to start. To discover the ideal product for your intimate life (and desires) you should do a bit of homework.

Start experimenting with these super-effective K-Y® Brand products. Soon enough, you'll be a lubricant connoisseur—much to you and your partner's, delight.


K-Y® Jelly

This is a classic for a reason: lots of ladies use it. Water-soluble, non-sticky and non-scented, this is your tried-and-true lubricant.

Soon enough, you'll be a lubricant connoisseur...


K-Y® Liquid

This product boasts a more natural feel. Mimicking your body's natural moisture, this liquid helps when things are a little dry, enhancing your intimacy.


K-Y® Liquibeads®

Think of this lubricant-like an imaginary friend of sorts: you know it's there but it's hard to get someone else to believe in its existence because of the way it mimics your natural moisture. The ultimate in discreet lubricants, these beads can be inserted beforehand so you're ready as soon as the moment is right. Best part: you won't even feel the product once it's in place.


K-Y® Warming® Liquid

Combining the natural feel of liquid with warming pleasure, this gentle lubricant adds a new dimension to your sexual experience. It can bring a new element to intimate moments in a flash.


K-Y® Yours+Mine®

Peas and carrots, wine and cheese – their pairings are undoubtedly perfect together. And here's another partnership to add to this list. K-Y Yours + Mine comes with two bottles of specific product in each box, this dual lubricant contains a tingling gel for her and a warming concoction for him.


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