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6 Stay at Home Date Ideas

at home date ideas

Date night is one of the most important elements of being in a committed relationship. Not only is it a great way to reconnect with your partner after a busy work week, carving out time for your significant other can help revive feelings and spark romance and love back into your relationship. While getting dressed up to attend your favorite restaurant can be a date night solution that you two enjoy, staying home can provide you both an alternative night of intimacy and fun. Here are 6 enjoyable home date ideas that are easy to plan and inexpensive.

Movie night

Going to the movies can be an expensive date night option; however, creating your own movie night at home can be an inexpensive way to share your love of romcoms with your partner or catch up on the latest TV drama. To make the most of your night in, break out the bag of treats and snuggle up with a warm blanket and some pillows. Not only is this a cheap option to connect with your partner, it allows you both to enjoy the comforts of your home. If deciding what film to watch is proving too difficult, turn on YouTube and discover some interesting videos that are sure to provide your night with an interesting twist. What could be better?


Indoor picnic

You don’t have to go outside and brave the winter weather to enjoy a romantic picnic with all your favorite foods. In fact, why not throw down a blanket in your living room and add your favorite candles to create a warm, romantic atmosphere? Keep the ambiance at its peak by dimming the lights and letting the flickering of a few strategically placed candles take over.

When it comes to selecting the best food and drink, pick items that are easy to assemble and make the clean-up process a breeze. Finger food like cheese, crackers, samosas and tasty sandwiches are ideal and for that extra romantic touch, why not feed each other?

Breakfast in bed

There’s nothing in the rule book that states a date must be relegated to the evening. Enjoy a lazy morning and share cooking duties for the ultimate breakfast in bed. Ditch the cereal and oatmeal, switch on some morning television and treat yourselves to a plate of pancakes and eggs for a luxurious meal under the covers. If you wanted to be less traditional and have breakfast for dinner, cook your evening breakfast treats and retreat to the comfort of your bedroom with some soft lighting and a good movie.


Break out the board games

For a retro night in that’s completely free of charge, it’s time to go old school and break out the board games. Playing board games helps breed conversation with the likes of Monopoly and Scrabble lending themselves perfectly to a competitive atmosphere; ideal if you haven’t seen your significant other throughout the week. Pitch up at a table with your game of choice, some snacks and a drink for a fun and individual date night to remember. To make things even more interesting, why not treat yourself to a new board game every month? With hundreds on the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you’d rather not go to the hassle of playing through a board game, try working together on a tricky jigsaw puzzle. A 200-300-piece jigsaw that you can finish over the course of an evening is ideal and this is a restful way to chill out and have a great discussion with your partner. You could even turn a humble jigsaw into a romantic game. We'll leave that up to your imagination. 

Create a DIY tasting session

You don’t have to go to a fancy wine bar or restaurant to have your very own tasting session because it’s something that can be done from the comfort of your own home with minimal expense. Choose some of your favorite cured meats, cheeses and alcohols and create a sharing platter to enjoy over the course of an entire night with your partner. Whether it’s wine, champagne or spirits that you both relish, these DIY tasting sessions are a great way to chat and bond over a shared love of good food.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, try a blindfolded tasting session and share a selection of your chosen foods or drinks, allowing your partner to guess what it is they’re eating or drinking.

Get intimate

Intimacy is an incredibly important part of all relationships, whether they be new or long-term and it’s easy after a busy day at work to forget to reconnect with each other.

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