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Sure, yoga's great for focus, flexibility and decreasing stress, but who would have thought the ancient practice can also help you connect more deeply with your partner? Yoga teaches mindfulness – living in the present moment – so that you can truly relax and focus on savoring the moments that you and your partner share. And here’s an added bonus: it also turns out that regular yoga practice can not only increase mindfulness, energy and overall physical wellness, it can also increase satisfaction between the sheets.

So, channel your inner yogi with these six poses.


Cat/cow pose

The cat/cow sequence is a great way to warm up your body. Yogis even say the cat/cow pose helps you engage your hips and spine while strengthening your Kegel muscles – the muscles that help you have intense orgasms. To do the cat/cow sequence, get on your hands and knees so that your back is flat. Then alternate between arching your back up, followed by rounding your lower back.


Wide-legged straddle pose

Blood flow and arousal are directly connected. The wide-legged straddle pose can increase blood flow to the pelvic area. This pose is also great for opening the hips and increasing flexibility. To do this yoga position, spread your legs apart, rotating your thighs outward. You can lean forward or sit up straight.


Goddess pose

Explore your inner goddess. One of the best ways to enhance intimate time with your partner is to do things that make you feel sensual and sexy. Sometimes feeling sexy is as simple as feeling good. This pose opens the groin and allows your body to relax while practicing vulnerability. To do the goddess pose, lay on your back with your arms stretched to the sides and press your feet together.


Pigeon pose

Women predominantly store the majority of their stress and trauma in their hips. Pigeon pose offers you a deep release in the hips to increase flexibility while relieving constrictions in the sacrum. Because this pose is such a deep stress reliever, it is known for increasing mindfulness and relaxation. Sit on the floor with one leg bent in front of you with the opposite leg straight behind you. You can either place your hands on the floor or stack your forearms on top of each other with your forehead resting on them. Be sure to keep your back straight.


Bridge pose

The bridge pose is an exercise that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, similar to a Kegel, which can help intensify orgasms. Yogis believe this pose also stretches your hip flexors and releases tension in the body. To do this pose, lay on your back with your knees bent toward the ceiling. Press your feet into the floor, keeping your shoulders on the ground, while raising your bottom.


Bound angle pose

Of all the poses to enhance your intimate time with your partner, the bound angle pose is possibly the one with the most benefits in one sequence. This pose may help increase libido by improving pelvic-region blood flow, all while stretching your inner thighs, opening your hips and increasing your hips’ range of motion. What's more, this pose significantly relaxes you to alleviate anxiety. To do the bound angle pose, sit with your back straight, and hold your feet at the ankles. (Be sure not to press on your knees in this pose.) Breathe deeply to maximize effectiveness.

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