8 Products Every New Mom Needs

New mom with baby

Becoming a new mom can be a magical and overwhelming period for you and your partner. You want everything to be perfect when bringing your baby home, but there are many baby products you’ve been told you need – you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve collated a list of essentials so you can spend less time on researching what you need, and more time with your new baby. 

Maternity Pads

After your baby is born, your uterus will continue to bleed for 2-6 weeks, whether you had a vaginal or cesarean birth. It’s nothing to worry about, but make sure you are prepared with a supply of maternity pads to aid this. Make sure you choose a maternity pad, rather than an ordinary sanitary towel as maternity pads are softer and a lot more absorbent for your post-birth bleeding intervals. These should be used until the bleeding has completely stopped, and changed regularly. 

A Comfortable Cushion

Post-birth can leave you feeling sore and fragile at times. This is a natural part of childbirth, and unfortunately, this is something only time can heal. However, a cushion can help you be more comfortable as your body recovers. 


After giving birth, your hormone levels are still high. Factoring in sleep deprivation, and pregnancy-related sickness that hasn’t been alleviated yet, tissues at the ready can be great when you are feeling emotional from all the changes.

Nipple Cream

While some mothers never require anything to apply to their nipple, others may find a cream or oil soothing. Deciding to breastfeed can leave your nipples sore, cracked and chapped. Applying some nipple cream after feeding can help soothe your nipples whilst you and your baby are getting the hang of things. 

Baby Monitor

Whether you’re preparing for a new baby or trying to gather all your essentials, a baby monitor is a great tool to have when baby arrives home. If your planning for the baby to sleep in the same room as you for a few months, a monitor may not be needed for a while. However, if your baby is sleeping in separate areas or you are stepping away from baby to do chores or simply just have ‘me time’, a monitor is a great way on keeping an eye on your baby without running to check on them every 5 minutes. 

A Diaper Bag

Not all diaper bags need to scream ‘I’m a Mom’, you can grab an equally efficient diaper bag that is also stylish. From storing your diapers, bottles, wipes and any other items you might need, a diaper bag is great when you are on the move. 

Wet Wipes

From changing diapers, to quickly refreshing your hands a few times a day – wet wipes are guaranteed to come in handy. Whether you’re at home with your baby or out and about, wet wipes are there for all situations.


Muslins are handy around the house and outside, so make sure you have a stash of these on hand. Great for mopping up spillages, used as burp cloths or comfort blankets, make sure you get some of these in – they will be your lifesaver.

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