Building a Lasting Relationship Through Intimacy

Intimacy is a private and deeply personal element of a relationship that can help you feel closer to your partner. Many couples start out their relationship sensing they have reached a new dimension of intimacy they have not experienced before; however, as the years pass, relationships can go through some highs and lows. Recapture some of that spark and build a stronger foundation with a few tips to help make your relationship more rewarding and fulfilling.

Extend cuddle time

Whether it’s close to bedtime or not, having an extended cuddle session a few times a week can do wonders for your relationship. Increasing the time that you and your partner are physically connected can help boost physical and emotional intimacy while strengthening your relationship. But remember, don’t try to force it! If you fancy a cuddle one evening, why not curl up on the sofa next to your partner while watching a film? Your partner can’t read your mind, so instigating the cuddling can make both you and partner happy.

In bed, be sure to hug, kiss or massage your partner to help spur excitement and encourage closeness and intimacy.


Flirt regularly

Flirting plays an important role in a relationship and can help cultivate intimacy and increase attraction in and out of the bedroom. By acknowledging your partner with flirty behavior, you can strengthen sexual attraction and reignite passion between you and your partner. Go out on a date, send a sexy text or kiss your partner passionately to inject a dash of romance and spice to the bedroom. Try adding an intimate gift such as the K-Y® Yours+Mine® couples lubricant to help bring you both closer together.

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Lose the phone

From time to time, technology can sometimes serve as a distraction in a relationship and can take away much-needed attention away from your partner. Whether it’s browsing Facebook or checking work emails, constantly spending time on your mobile phone can negatively impact your relationship. However, all hope is not lost. So ditch the phone, sign off your work email account and refocus your attention on your partner.

Share intimate moments together

Life can be a bit hectic and sometimes intimacy can take the backseat; however, making time for intimacy with your partner sets the stage for an increase in emotional intimacy and fosters attachment between you and your partner. Creating a stronger intimate bond with your partner doesn’t have to heavily rely on sex. Intimacy can also involve regular non-sexual touch such as cuddling, sensual massages and spending time with each other.

So, whether you just want to show your partner that you care or you want to share more intimate moments together, you can help build your relationship to last by following our top tips for intimacy.