Building Intimacy in Bed without Sex

Building Intimacy in Bed without Sex

intimacy without sex


Intimacy doesn't have to mean intercourse...

When you think about bedroom fun, your mind might automatically jump to a good romp in the sheets. But did you know that you can have just as much fun in bed, without physical intimacy, and still build on your connection with your partner? Learn to shake things up in the bedroom and get your creative juices flowing.


Good old-fashioned fun

Sometimes it’s just good to laugh and have some good old-fashioned fun with your partner. The best way to boost your creativity and giggles in bed is to stop thinking of your bed as the place you sleep and make love. One way to rethink your bed is to consider it your play place, your intimacy place or your relationship awesomeness enhancer.

By opening up and just having fun, you will increase your intimacy and build memories...

Your bed can be easily converted into a place where you play board games, card games, or even build a fort out of the covers, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. The bed is a great place to drop your inhibitions and get as nerdy and playful as you want with your partner. By opening up and just having fun, you will increase your intimacy and build memories that will keep you laughing for years.


The appreciation rub

Whether it’s bills, kids or fretting over the prized promotion at work, life can leave you stressed out, which can cause your muscles to tense and knot up. Releasing stress from your body is not only important but a fantastic opportunity for you to bond with your partner.

One way to do this would be to take turns giving each other massages. Hop in bed, break out some lubricant, and use your hands to massage your partner’s hands, feet, shoulders, back and hips; these are the places that carry the most tension. Not only will you and your partner be feeling relaxed by the end of your massages, you will find new ways to make each other feel great.

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Romantic games

Intimacy is just as much about the heart and mind as it is about the body. Intimacy-building games are fun, creative and can strengthen the trust between you and your partner. While lying in bed, play games like Would You Rather, where you offer your partner a choice between two scenarios to see what he would do in a situation.

You can play Tell Me a Secret, where you and your partner exchange ideas and thoughts that don’t come up in typical conversations, such as five things you want to accomplish in your life or a dream you have that you haven’t shared with anyone before. The options are limitless. Games like these give you the platform to be open, vulnerable and build or enhance a solid foundation of trust and respect while enjoying laughs with your partner.


Blindfold games

Sitting or lying in bed with your partner while blindfolded opens your vulnerability, as well as enhancing your other senses. You can utilize a blindfold in bed to have fun with your partner in several ways. The first way is to take turns wearing the blindfold and sit facing one another. If you are wearing the blindfold, gently run your fingers over the curves of your partner’s face, neck, shoulders and chest.

Go slowly and take the entirety of your partner in, memorizing the way he feels. When you’re finished, it’s your partner’s turn to memorize you. Another way to utilize a blindfold is to sit and allow your partner to feed you surprise foods in bed. Because you’re blindfolded, your sense of touch and taste will be intensified. This can make for a pretty tantalizing night.


Just be

While focusing on things to do with your partner is a healthy way to connect, so is just being present. Two of the greatest ways to get present with your partner are eye gazing and reading to each other. Eye gazing is just like it sounds – stare into each other’s eyes for as long as you can (don’t worry, blinking is allowed).

This is an extremely vulnerable exercise that builds trust and intimacy. Likewise, reading to your partner, or letting him read to you, is a great way to tune into one another. Hearing your partner’s voice resonate while cuddling is a great way to reinforce security, trust and intimacy within your relationship.




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