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Showing your man you can't keep your hands off him boosts confidence and builds self-esteem, strengthening intimacy between you both. However, too much PDA could send him and your friends fleeing out of sheer discomfort. Using these tips as your guide, discover your boundaries as a couple, and learn what works and what won't fly.

Subtle yet sexy

Think of sexy yet subtle ways to show your partner you care. Give him a pat on the backside when no one is looking, or maybe flash a little shoulder or leg. An under the table thigh caress or a game of footsie while you're dining always excites. Even though no one sees it, it helps build anticipation between the two of you, hinting at what's to come.

Innocent and acceptable

You're in the clear if you limit your actions to socially acceptable forms of PDA. Holding hands, locking arms, a peck on the cheek and the occasional back rub should not offend the people around you. Expressing your love using these innocent gestures is encouraged. In fact, it makes everyone around you feel warm and fuzzy.

Location. Location. Location.

As general rules of thumb, don't make out in front of children, avoid blocking pathways, and steer clear of places where people are eating. However, you have a green light when it comes to nights on the town, dark corridors, empty elevators, and taxi cabs. While the idea of getting caught is part of the fun, only do what you are comfortable with and use your best judgment.

Boundaries and balance

Have an honest discussion with your partner, asking what types of PDA he likes and what types don't agree with his sensibilities. Divulge what works and doesn't work for you, too. Everyone is different. What comforts one person may turn another person off. Be mindful of who you're around and what you're doing and, when in doubt, make it quick and stealthy.

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