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Stress is a very common problem experienced by most people at some point in their lives. Not only can stress affect your emotional state and mental health, it can have a big impact on your sexual health. While physical intimacy with your partner can alleviate stress, it can also be adversely affected. If you often feel stressed and find that these emotions derail your libido and sexual response, here are some helpful tips to help improve your sex life:


Rekindle the romance

Sex isn't only a physical act, it's also a largely emotional and psychological one. For this reason, it is important to not focus solely on the physical aspects of lovemaking but rather take the time to rekindle the romance with your partner. Why not enjoy a romantic candle-lit meal together or indulge in a relaxing massage to help keep any tension at bay? By engaging in activities that help you physically and mentally connect with your partner, it can help boost confidence and make you feel more relaxed and less stressed.


Take care of yourself

With the daily stresses of work and life, it can be easy to turn to food or other negative habits for comfort; however, doing so can wreak further havoc on your sexual desires. Instead, make sure that you are making healthier choices to ensure that stress doesn't affect your sexual well-being. Being physically intimate with your partner not only plays an important part of a healthy lifestyle but can help relieve stress and improve intimacy.


Get enough sleep

For couples that are constantly busy or feeling overwhelmed, it's important to take the necessary steps to help unwind and ensure that stress doesn't affect your sexual well-being. Getting 7- 8 hours’ worth of sleep can be vital for good health as well as an added benefit for you and your partner. If you're suffering from stress, take a long bath and have your partner give you a soothing massage to help you unwind. Allowing yourself some much needed time will help you feel more relaxed and allow you to connect with your partner.


Hit the gym

Whether you're building stamina or releasing some steam, working out is a great way to stay fit while combating the negative effects of stress. Not only does exercising increase your overall health and sense of well-being, it can ease the day’s stresses and allow you to relax and enjoy your partner, which can help to boost arousal at the end of a long, hectic day. 

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