Everything You Need to Know About Women’s Orgasms

Orgasms vary from woman to woman and can occur at different times during intimacy. Sometimes an orgasm is an explosive amazing rush of sensations, while others can be milder and less intense. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women have fewer, less predictable, and more varied orgasm experiences than men. If you find it hard to reach an orgasm, there could be a number of physiological factors that can inhibit sexual desire needed to orgasm. From internal body criticisms to work pressures, these elements can limit a women’s inability to fully climax. 


The blissful build up

The same way stressing about trying to orgasm can make it that much harder to reach orgasmic bliss, physical or mental distraction can make it near impossible. For most women, experiencing an orgasm starts outside of the bedroom. Since the brain is the largest sex organ, it’s important to prepare yourself for the main event, says Emily Morse, sexologist.

If you’re looking for a pleasurable way to add depth to your intimate session, foreplay is one of the best ways to increase your time in bed, while encouraging both you and your partner to truly focus and explore one another. Whether you set the mood with candles or decide to heighten your senses, foreplay can create a deeper trusting and intimate experience that can prolong your lovemaking session, giving you the direct clitoral stimulation you need enough to have orgasms. 


Orgasmic release

If all goes well (i.e. no distractions and your partner knows how to stimulate you), an incredible amount of tension builds up in the genital, pelvis, buttock and thigh region- until your body involuntarily releases an intensely pleasurable wave known as an orgasm. According to Women’s Day, a third of women report that they are unable to achieve orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. Clitoral stimulation is the go-to in order to send you over the edge due to all the nerve endings. Having a clitoral and vaginal orgasm can be twice as intense and you get the best of both worlds. Though there is still some debate on whether G-spots exists, some women report they can orgasm from this famous erogenous zone through penetration alone.

K-Y Intense Pleasure Gel

Big O blocker

Just as men are concerned about lasting longer, most women are self-conscious of not being able to achieve an orgasm. By focusing on factors such as your appearance and performance, it can be difficult to relax enough to achieve an orgasm. Instead, let the erotic sensations between you and your partner register in your mind. The Intense Pleasure Gel from K-Y stimulates and intensifies through manual stimulation of the clitoris, and stroking of erogenous zones during foreplay, bringing on warming and cooling sensations.

By building a foundation of sexual tension in the earlier stages of intimacy, you can significantly impact your orgasm while further enhancing your sexual experience. To maximize the pleasure you receive, increase the amount of contact your partner gives your most sensitive parts. Whether it’s from penetration or foreplay, experiment with different techniques to get you there.


Try something new

If you’re having trouble reaching an orgasm during sex, consider trying something new. It is significantly easier to experience an orgasm if you know what you like. Sometimes trying to achieve an orgasm alone can often work better than trying with a partner. Touch, caress or massage other parts of your genitals to help you reach orgasm. With more than 8,000 nerve endings located in your clitoris, stated by an article in the Huffington Post, it is a great starting point to send you over the edge. Once you’ve figured on how to climax alone, show your partner what you have learned to help intensify your physical connection to further enhance the mood.