Whether you’re a dedicated follower of fashion or a casual foodie, everybody loves a trend round-up from time to time. And since we’re about a quarter of a way into the new year, let’s have a look at what the sexperts say is shaping up for sex now and next:

The slow sex movement. According to Refinery 29, it’s noted that with women being so vocal about what they want and need when it comes to the bedroom, the need to fake it till you make it may no longer be a thing. In fact, maybe the focus on orgasming itself may take second place to a form of lovemaking called “Karezza”, the Italian word for “caress”.  The goal is to focus more on touch and affection than “finishing”.  It’s about slowing down, looking into each other’s eyes, and reconnecting with intimacy vs. a rush to orgasm. Perhaps a reaction to a fast-paced world and our current obsession with mindfulness and meditation, look for Karezza to be particularly popular with couples in long term relationships looking to deepen their intimacy and connection.

What’s your sign? A quick peruse of the internet shows a big uptick in all things astrology related. 2018’s holiday season was all about Star signed themed gifts, and items like palo santo and sage that may help cleanse spaces of bad vibes and energy. When it comes to romance, try looking for the stars to align when it comes to meeting your match this year and beyond.

The more the merrier. Needless to say, saftery first. Use condoms and get tested regularly for STIs when considering multiple partners.

Sex in Space. From clinical sexologist and certified sex coach Sunny Rodgers comes the ultimate fantasy for Trekkies and Star Wars geeks- sex in outer space. According to Rodgers, companies like Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic will bring space travel/tourism to the one percent, with costs to blast off going at $250,000 a pop. For that price, the orgasm better be out of this world. Literally.

Ain’t love grande? In the same article, the term “instagranding” is now a thing when it comes to curating your Instagram feed to post pics specifically with only your beloved in mind. This trend seems most popular with 22-25 year olds. The rest of us? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Regardless of whether you’re frantically trying to find that Pisces guy from high school who was a perfect match for your Cancerian sensitivity, it’s fun to see how trends affect everything we do from work/life to sex and love, We’ll keep you posted on what’s new and noteworthy so stay tuned.



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