Foreplay 101: Understanding Your Partner

Man and woman cuddling in bed

It is a widely accepted fact that orgasms differ significantly between men and women. Whilst the male orgasm is in many respects a ‘push-button response’, easily turned on by sight, touch, or suggestion; The female orgasm is a far more complex matter.

For most women, sex is an emotional process just as much as it is physical. Understanding this difference, goes a long way in explaining the so-called ‘orgasm gap’ between men and women. Knowing this truth can help to improve your sex life, and help understand how to connect with your partner and trigger these emotional feelings during foreplay.


Show your interests

Sex in a loving relationship is about pleasure for both partners, not just meeting the end result; so show your partner how much they mean to you through kisses and touches that pleasure you both.

Whether it’s experimenting or sticking to your normal routine, foreplay can aid in increasing an orgasm, especially for women. To make foreplay more enjoyable, try various techniques. Whether its sensual kisses or body massages, take your time and do not rush the process for a longer, lasting sexual experience.


Compliment her

Women are constantly led to believe, through movies and magazines, that their role is to maintain a ‘sexy’ body, which will make them more desirable to men. This perception can leave many women feeling preoccupied during sex worrying about how they look to themselves or their partner, rather than focusing on the experience.

All of this extra stress and overthinking may make it less likely that she will orgasm, as she struggles to relax. It is, therefore, her partner’s role to re-assure her that she is attractive to help get rid of any lingering self-doubts and insecurities. Be sure to tell her what you love about her body and take the time to touch and stroke parts of her body to show her that you really mean it. Even if your partner isn’t body-conscious, a compliment will always be well received.


Show her that you love her

Intimacy and connection are important components that allow many couples to experience better sex. The American Sociological Review found that women in relationships have almost seven times as many orgasms as women having sex with someone for the first time, which makes total sense when you take into consideration the additional benefits of being in a loving and monogamous relationship.

The very nature of sex makes it inherently personal for a woman and the intimacy and security of being with a loving partner can be central on how she relaxes and enjoys the experience. Demonstrating how much your partner means to you long before the physical aspect can have huge benefits. From preparing a delicious meal, organizing a trip to the movies, or going for a romantic stroll, shows how much you care about spending time together.

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