Get Close This Christmas

Everyone knows that Christmas is about being close to your loved ones, and this year K-Y is inviting you to get closer than ever with the person you look for under the mistletoe. With temperatures dropping, cars getting iced up and traffic coming to its yearly standstill, there’s never been a better time to get cozy and cuddle up with someone special.

Nevertheless, for many, the yuletide period is so closely linked to consumerism, confectionary and crowds, that it has converted us into a bunch of grumbling Scrooges. How can we get back to the warm joy that the sound of Santa’s sleigh bells used to bring? We’ve got a few suggestions...


1. Mistletoe

Popping this pretty plant up around your home will make that “Honey, I’m home” feeling ever sweeter. Long associated with lovers puckering up in frosty doorways, it’s the perfect way to introduce some yuletide romance into your humble abode. Stick some above the entrance to your bedroom. (And bathroom… and kitchen…)


2. Decorate the Christmas tree 

Keep the romance alight all year round, and kick it off with an evening decorating everyone’s favorite indoor fauna: the Christmas tree. Reconnect with each other as you light up the Christmas lights, and adorn the tree with tinsel.


3. Build a snowman

Layering up in your thermals to go outside and build a snowman in sub-zero temperatures is part and parcel of any Christmas-lover’s festive repertoire. And as you put the final touches to Frosty’s winter get-up (carrot nose and raisin eyes being essential to the wardrobe), enjoy shooting each other furtive glances and watch that rosy glow build up on your partner’s cheeks. After all, everyone knows that the best part of getting all wrapped up to go outside is unwrapping each other when you go back in…

So, there you have it. With Santa Baby on the radio and stockings hung up on the fireplace, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.