Having a ladies night this weekend?  While you’re gabbing with the girls, take a quick survey and ask them how many have bought condoms in their lifetime. Chances are, it’s not many of them. And if they have, they can probably count the number of times on one hand. With women becoming more vocal about what they want and need in the bedroom and beyond, why is buying condoms still something only associated with men? It’s time to add some condoms to your shopping cart.

Here’s five reasons you should be buying condoms for your bedside table/backpack right now:

The stats are in. In 2018, the CDC reported a disturbing rise in STD rates across the country- with nearly 2.3 million new cases reported.  And young women aged 15-24 make up almost half of the 1.7 million cases of chlamydia. And according to other CDC data released the same year, sex among teens may be down, but so is condom use. That’s disturbing because as disease rate rises, condom use should too. Even if you’re not much of a mathlete, you can’t ignore the numbers. Get smart about your sexual health and stock up now.

It’s empowering. So, here’s something. A recent study found that in 33 countries, higher contraceptive use is linked to gender equality. And Bustle points out that this is a pretty big deal, because gender equality makes things like pregnancy prevention and moreover safe sex everyone’s responsibility, not just the man’s.  Of the 33 countries surveyed, teens aged 14-16 living in countries of higher gender equality used condoms more frequently the last time they had sex. So, buying and using condoms correctly and consistently not only helps protect you from pregnancy and disease, but also promotes a more level playing field in the ongoing gender war. Now about that orgasm gap…

Sex can go from good to great. You choose your own clothes, makeup, food, and workout routines that make you feel great. So why not condoms? Use the power of purchase to take sex from “ooh” to “ooh ahh”. K-Y’s Extra Lubricated condoms are condoms designed with women in mind as well as men, and our K-Y Intense condoms are ribbed and dotted to increase sensation as well as extra lubricated for your comfort and satisfaction. Because great is way better than good.

Don’t leave it up to him. Whether you’re in a  relationship or looking for Mr. Right, , why would you put your sexual health and in his hands? If you think men will slut shame you for keeping condoms in your clutch, think again.  There’s nothing sexier then confidence, responsibility, and keeping both of you safe. Besides all that, who wants to date a guy who’s insecure about a woman buying condoms? Hello, 2019.

Size doesn’t matter. We know you’ve seen those guys buying extra large condoms at the drugstore thinking they’re all that and a box of magnums. But fact is, most condoms fit most guys, and in the heat of the moment, the request for something supersized will most likely not come up.  For instance, K-Y condoms are built to last regardless of size, so check them out here. 



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