how to compliment a guy

Your guy is likely a little nervous in crowds; however, along with his shy nature comes his big, beautiful heart. Coaxing him out of his shell may not be easy, but with a dash of patience and compliments sprinkled here and there, you can concoct the perfect recipe for a meaningful connection.

Ask him for help

Take advantage of the fact that you don’t understand something, but don’t feign ignorance. He'll see right through that. Be genuine with your shy sweetie – just keep in mind that men love to help a damsel in distress. Whether it’s your car or your computer that needs fixing, ask him to help you solve the dilemma. Then you can express your thanks and plant a kiss on his lips as you pay him a sincere compliment without having him question your motive. He'll appreciate your gratitude more than he can show.

Use social media to communicate

Maybe he’s a little nervous in person. Try communicating with him online. Send him sweet texts, loving emails and fun messages on various social media sites. Chances are, he'll feel more comfortable and confident talking through a computer. A little bit of separation, in the beginning, can help him feel more comfortable and over time, you'll be able to close the computer gap and shower him with admiration face-to-face.

Give him a self-esteem-boosting nickname

If he's an expert golfer, call him "Tiger." When he's cooking an amazing meal for you, call him "Emeril." You'll be complimenting him using a backdoor, yet fun approach. He may not even realize it until after the fact. Plus, it will make him smile and possibly laugh, breaking down any reservations he may have about expressing his emotions.

See him in his element

Spend time with him when he's feeling empowered, involving yourself in an activity that stirs his passion. If he plays soccer, stand on the sidelines and support him. If he's a musician, attend his next show and sit in the front row. When he's in his element, toss a big compliment his way and watch him accept it wholeheartedly.

Communicate with body language

If words are the problem, body language is the solution. Don't come on too strong, though. Use subtle non-verbal cues to show you care. When you're holding hands, give him an extra squeeze every so often. Smile with your lips and your eyes. Kiss him passionately. There's not a word or phrase for every emotion we feel. Love surpasses verbal communication.

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