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No matter how many times your partner lovingly proclaims how amazing you look, there are days when you simply may not feel desirable. And while these moments of doubt can be frustrating, rest assured – they're completely normal.

If you're having one of those iffy days, try incorporating a few techniques into your daily routine; these simple solutions help you boost your confidence when you're in the buff, awakening your inner goddess.

Quiet your inner critic

Do you ever catch yourself being critical of your body? Pay attention to your inner dialogue. The thoughts you have translated to feelings; so if you're being over – critical of your weight, you'll start to feel less than your best. Next time this happens, catch yourself mid-thought and pay yourself a compliment. Eventually, those negative thoughts will be few and far between, allowing you to feel self – assured and sexy.

Pose in the mirror

Spend a few moments naked in front of the mirror every day. Get used to seeing yourself without clothes on. Pose – identify positions that make you feel good. Find your flattering angles, smile and make different expressions. Swivel your hips. Shimmy, shake, and stretch. This exercise is about feeling good in your own skin. It's a daily affirmation where you'll practice praising and appreciating your form.

Spend a few moments naked in front of the mirror every day. Get used to seeing yourself without clothes on.

Be health conscious

Diet and lifestyle choices will influence how you feel about your body in a big way. Find an activity you enjoy like yoga or swimming. Exercising a few days a week combined with eating healthfully and regular pampering – think massages, manicures, and facials – keep your mind, body, and spirit balanced, allowing you to feel good about yourself with your clothes on and off.

Wear sexy lingerie

Shop for pieces that flatter your figure. The right lingerie will stay true to your style and help highlight your assets. Plus, it adds to the big reveal – after all, your man can't wait to see what's underneath. Surprise him with a striptease and show off your lace. Not only will this add a dash of adventure in the bedroom, but it will make you feel like a million bucks.

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