Finding the g-spot

The G-spot is one of the media’s favorite erogenous zones. However, there seems to be little consensus about the role and function of this elusive area. While some claim it's an extension of the clitoris, others have written it off as imaginary.

However, while scientists’ opinions do vary, one thing's for sure - every woman is different. Some women have an area a few inches inside their vagina on the upper wall that swells when pressed and stroked, that gives pleasurable sensations. While others may find the same area simply gives them the urge to pee when stroked, or no feeling at all.

Learn your anatomy

To find your G-spot, make sure to lay down, as this gives you a better chance of reaching it. Slide a finger inside the vagina then curl the tip of your finger upwards as if you're beckoning someone. Make sure to go slowly and pay attention to how your body responds as the glans associated with the coveted g-spot orgasm becomes enlarged with blood when aroused, making it more sensitive to stimulation.

Become one with your body

Familiarizing yourself with every aspect of your vagina wall can be beneficial in more ways than one. The smooth velvety texture can vary from bumpy to almost ruffled when you get near to or on your g-spot. Rubbing different parts of the inside of the vagina can cause muscular contractions making for pleasurable sensations. Even though you're excited and anxious to feel something, make sure to relax and take a breath. Discovering your g-spot for the first time may feel overwhelming and takes a bit of effort.

Try new positions

Finding and satisfying your g-spot requires direct and firm pressure within the vagina. Several sex positions work well between you and your partner to give you a balance of penetration and pressure. Raised missionary (with the woman's ankles clasped around your partner's neck) is great for hitting the G-spot and makes it easy for the woman to caress her clitoris too. Manual stimulation from behind can be really effective, as can the use of toys with curved heads or strongly defined curves.

And if you can't find your G-spot? Don't worry about it. We're all different and what works for one person can be a huge turn off to another. If it proves too elusive, finding another erogenous zone with your partner can be worthwhile!

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