How to Get Your Partner to Be More Open in the Bedroom

Couple embracing in bedOpening up may be the key to an even more intimate relationship...

Even if your relationship and intimate life are incredible, you might crave a new bedroom adventure if you’ve been together for some time. But if your partner is a little shy when it comes to rocking the bed, getting him to break out of his and your comfort zone can be a fun challenge.

Luckily, sharing your excitement is easy. All you need to start is an open line of communication and the right kind of encouragement; soon enough you'll be growing closer to your partner – both emotionally and intimately.

Sexual Inspiration 

Your partner may be an open book when it comes to trying new things, he just might not know where to start. Both of you can find stimulation – and inspiration – by setting some time aside for intimate research.

Watch a steamy movie together, visit a sex shop or try some new lubricants for inspiration, or even read each other some sensual erotic fiction. Getting those creative ideas flowing is the first step to unlocking your partner's imagination.

Sexual Fantasies 

Create a safe, loving space to talk about your secret desires, and in turn, your partner’s as well. Find a good time to bring up fantasies with your partner so you can each get a sense of something you'd want to try.

Soon enough you'll be growing closer to your partner – both emotionally and intimately...

A fantasy can be as simple as bringing a new sex toy or product into bed, or as elaborate as acting out a scenario. Once you and your partner share your desires, build the excitement by making a "date" to try each of your fantasies.

Sexual Encouragement 

Your partner may not be as adventurous as you – and that's okay. Perhaps his idea of a fantasy is simply switching up positions, while you're craving a full-on role-playing romp.

Whatever the differences are between your levels of exploration, be positive about the steps your partner is willing to take to reach outside his comfort zone in the bedroom. Tell him how much the changes in your intimate life excite you and, chances are, he will love continuing to explore with you.

Sexual Patience 

Help your partner open up to new ideas by allowing him to take as much time as needed to get used to trying something new. Never pressure him, either directly or indirectly, as that may only pave the way for guilt, resentment, and hurt feelings.

Instead, take baby steps and give your partner the time to become comfortable with an idea before you two act on it. If you take it slow, you and your partner can grow closer emotionally while exploring new sides of each other in the bedroom.


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