How to Plan an Intimate Night in with Your Partner

It can be easy to fall into a routine, but a special evening in with your partner can be just what your relationship needs. Looking to create the ultimate romantic night in? Here are a few ways to turn an evening at home into an amazing date night you'll both enjoy:

Set a plan

While spontaneity is a wonderful way to pamper and be pampered, planning an intimate evening in advance can be a welcomed romantic surprise. Simply decide whether you want to cook together, watch a movie you both love, or have your own wine tasting. For a little-added romance, try choosing activities with a playful, intimate twist that will bring you two closer together.

Give yourself time to prepare

Once you've determined what the plan is and factored in any other romantic details you’d like to incorporate; prep for the evening by taking a relaxing shower or bath, applying your favorite lotion or perfume, and wearing an outfit you love that makes you feel confident. Think of your preparation as a way of getting yourself in the mood mentally for the evening ahead.

Let go and enjoy

Cultivate a little friendly - and potentially frisky - competition by playing a board or card game. Allow yourself to be in the moment and enjoy your partner's company with a bit of friendly rivalry. Whether it's playing a card game or finding a game designed to have you working together, you can both relax and connect with each other.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

For couples that are constantly busy or feeling overwhelmed, planning an ultimate spa experience for two at home is a great way to relax and bond with your partner. Depending on your mood and preferences, take a long bath together or take turns giving each other a massage. Allowing yourself time to take a break will help you feel more relaxed and help you connect with your partner.