How to Spice Up Kissing Even More

One of the most important factors of showing love and affection towards your partner is through kissing. According to research, the effects of a great kiss can increase connection while boosting desire between you and your partner. Although kissing should come naturally, there are various additional techniques to try out next time you are in a passionate embrace with your partner. Here are 4 tips that are sure to increase intimacy while improving your kissing routine.

Master the art of eye contact

We all know how romantic and sexy it can be to maintain eye contact with our partner during sex, so the same result can be achieved during a passionate kiss too. Many people find prolonged eye contact embarrassing or intimidating; however, once you have gotten over the initial fear, the benefits can far outweigh the worry. This technique will only work if both partners are on board, so next time you are kissing your partner, try whispering ‘I want to look into your eyes’. The mutual gaze will not only heighten the intensity of your kiss; it will help reduce any shyness that you two might experience if it’s your first time.

Explore other areas

To master the art of kissing, one must embrace different techniques.  If you are used to kissing your partner on the lips alone, leave soft kisses on your partner’s various erogenous points, before slowly working your way back to their lips. Places such as the nape of the neck, ears, and breasts can increase the level of intimacy between you and your partner. Once you are embraced in a kiss, gently kiss your partner on the lips as you slowly start to incorporate these moves. Don’t do this every time you kiss, or your partner will come to expect it. Instead, save it for special times and leave your partner wanting more as it will increase their desire and heighten your bond.

Use your hands too

An amazing kiss is way more than what just happens at the lips. Your body language, and what you do with the rest of your body is also vitally important. As you kiss your partner, use your hands to explore their face, their hair and their shoulders, making sure everything you do is subtle and gentle. Try varying the speed and intensity of your motions ensuring that your partner is comfortable as your kisses intensify. Wherever part of the body you decide to focus on, pay attention to your partner’s response to confirm they are enjoying themselves.

Add some flavor

We all know about the importance of preparation when it comes to kissing. Mouthwash, chewing gum and dental floss are all hygienic options to make sure the act is enjoyable for your partner; however, there are also other options you could incorporate to flavor things up a little. Experiment with a citrus flavor such as orange or maybe indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate. Whatever you and your partner decide, adding a new element to your kissing routine can bring a new wave of adventurous pleasure.

Try taking a fresh strawberry in your mouth and passing it over to your partner during your kiss, or a swirl of melted dark chocolate on your tongue to add a rich intensity to your embrace. Experiment with temperatures too for different results – a cold scoop of sorbet, or a warm mouthful of milky cocoa could all be enjoyable, providing you and your partner share the same taste! your partner share the same taste!