Ideas for a Quiet Romantic Night in While the Baby is Sleeping

Who doesn't love babies? They're small and cute, and the top of their heads have such a lovely smell. But as precious as those tiny humans are, they sure know how to hijack date nights. If you can't remember the last time you kept a reservation, well, you're not alone! Take heart, though. You'll find plenty of romantic ways to spend a date night at home while your baby snoozes.

Recreate your first movie date

When it comes to popular date-night ideas, catching a movie is at the top. And, why not? All seems right with the world when you're cuddling your significant other in the dim glow of theater lighting. Toss a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and up the sweet factor by staying home and re-watching the very first movie you ever caught as a couple.

Have a make-out session

Think back to your life BC (before child) – specifically how easy it was to get lost in marathon kissing sessions. Though we seem to forget how steamy those PG moments can be as we get older, there's no time like the present to reclaim your make out mojo. Besides, since science has proven kissing can increase your life expectancy, spending an entire evening at home in this capacity is a gift that keeps on giving.

Have dinner in Paris

Don't worry – this date night won't cost you any frequent flyer miles. After the baby goes to bed, pop a copy of a Parisian film into the player and uncork your best bottle of vino. Bonus points if you can track down a box of macarons for dessert! Having a baby might mean you can't hop on the next flight to the City of Lights, but there's nothing keeping you from bringing the romance of Paris into your living room.

Play some Q&A

One of the greatest things about love is that you never stop learning new things. In those rare, quiet moments you have together, take the opportunity to continue your education in each other. In fact, parenthood presents a ton of question prompts. "At what age should we give our child an allowance? Who will teach her to drive?" Even seemingly silly questions can reveal things you never knew about each other, strengthening your connection as a couple and as parents.

Go stargazing

Grab those baby monitors and head outside. You'll only be 15 feet away, and snuggling beneath the stars will restore your souls. If weather permits, fill the backyard kiddie pool to the brim and sit on the patio dangling your feet in the water. This date is all about squeezing in some R&R for the two of you.