date night ideas for married couples

When Jack Frost comes knocking, he brings the perfect excuse for quality cuddle time with your partner. Cold weather is a great excuse for an at-home date night which can help you unplug, relax and connect with each other.

Here are four activities that you can do at home together:

Fan the Flames

Sure, curling up by a roaring fire is a great way to enjoy the cold weather; but, what do you do once you're snuggled in together? If you enjoy reading, try taking turns reading aloud to each other. Or pull out your photo albums to reminisce about fun times and share silly childhood snapshots. Or, simply turn on some retro tunes and enjoy the warmth of each other’s company. No fireplace? No problem. An assortment of candles does the trick.

Cozy Cocktails

Wintertime brings great boozy and not-so-boozy drink options (eggnog, hot cocoa, hot toddies … just to name a few). Try your bartending skills on your partner, or collaborate by making various elaborate concoctions together.

If a friendly competition is more of your taste, challenge your partner to look for a drink recipe that you’ve never had but he thinks you’ll like. Or, take a gamble and commit to making and drinking whichever beverage you select at random. For more daring taste buds, toss the recipes aside and try your hands at inventing your own speciality drinks together. Who knows? You might find you two’s “signature drink.”

On the Board

Cultivate a little friendly – and potentially frisky – competition by pulling out some board or card games. For a little romantic twist, sub in kisses for chips. Or better yet, let each chip represent one thing you’ll do for your partner that shows you care – whether it’s the dishes for a week or something a little more bedroom-oriented. If you are more competitive in nature, don’t worry. Simply choose a game designed to have you working together to solve puzzles and beat the clock.

Tropical Getaway

The best way to banish winter blues is, simply, by pretending it’s not winter. For one-night-only, recreate an island paradise from the comfort of your own home. Select a tropical screenshot for your laptop or smart TV, crank up the thermostat and slip into your sexiest summer clothes. Sure, your sun-kissed skin might be replaced with a ghostly winter pale, but that’s easily taken care of with a couple dimmed lights or candlelight.

Add to the island ambience by serving up chocolate-covered mangoes and strawberries with Blue Hawaiian cocktails. It might not be Hawaii but, hey, at least it gives you a chance to heat up your winter with one night of summer romance.

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