Burning matchstick ignites another matchstick.

Looking for a Bit of Spark? Here’s Some Fire Starters to Rekindle that Romance.

It’s pretty simple to come up with a million reasons why intimacy is not part of the picture when it comes to every day life. But regular sex is not only healthy for your libido, but also great for everything from heart health to a better mood and back again, according to multiple And sometimes, that means finding time away from the kids/dog/laundry/Instagram to reconnect somewhere special.

Needless to say, it’s not always in the cards to go on a costly holiday somewhere sunny. But there’s simple ways to bring back that spark that won’t break the bank.


Here’s some ideas on how to bring that sexy back.

1. Commit to dinner somewhere new

It seems like a no brainer, but planning ahead for a dinner out can often seem daunting. Find the time to try that new Ethiopian spot in the neighborhood, or wine and dine at your favorite Italian spot where everybody knows your name. Take turns choosing and surprise your partner with a wonderful new experience. Food is love.  So make time for it at least once a month.

2. Go local

If you can’t afford to get away, check out a site like Air BnB and do a staycation, an overnight in your own city can be a fun little escape, and their local experiences offer tons of fun ideas for classes like dumpling making in Philadelphia or surfing in San Diego. And if you’re a business traveler and have lots of hotel points, many hotels like Hyatt are offering similar programs for their customers that could offer a great opportunity to explore the hometown. And each other. 

3. Master the massage

Work hard? Play hard too. There is nothing better appreciated than a good massage, updated with lovely scented oils, candles, and products like K-Y Natural Feeling Lubricant and Massage Gel with Botanical Essence Love the skin you’re in and he or she will too. 

4. Get tropical

Yea, this one’s a stretch and a bit extravagant. But really, Miami is one sexy town. Beautiful beaches. Beautiful people. Mojitos and sun shine. You get the idea.  Hot tip- fly into Ft. Lauderdale as it’s often cheaper than flying into Miami and only 45 minutes from South Beach. Convertible not included. 

5. Try a new scent

Scent is a big part of seduction and switching it up could lead to something new and fun. According to one source, scent intensifies intimacy. Scents like vanilla are known to have aphrodisiac qualities, and Sandalwood’s masculine vibe is known to calm as well as attract. 

6. Be spontaneous

Ask any couple who’s been together for more than a minute and they’ll tell you- being spontaneous is super tough when it comes to life, let alone sex. But it’s also super hot so find some time to surprise you partner with anything from concert tickets to his favorite band to filling a bathtub with her favorite fragrance instead of passing out in front of the TV. 

7. Role play

We know. This one’s tough with the person who’s held your hair when you drank too much at your sister’s wedding. Even though it’s all about better or worse, embracing a new attitude aka persona can be a whole lot of fun. Whether it’s switching up who’s zooming who in the bedroom or trying out a wig and going dancing, there’s ways to role play that don’t feel so cliché. You may not win an Oscar for your performance, but you may just win a hot night of sex. 

8. Get on the same page

With so much going on in work/life, it’s hard to stay awake past 9 pm let alone connect with your partner. Find some time to talk about all of your hopes and dreams, and remember how hot it can be to share goals and dreams with the love of your life. Seduce him or her with how creative and focused you can be when it comes to your life together. 
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