how to make him feel like a man

At their best, men are chivalrous and go out of their way to make you feel special. Try these eleven ways to show how much you cherish and appreciate him.


  • Connect: Paying full attention to him means the world
  • Appreciate: Wearing the necklace he gave you puts a smile on his face
  • Pamper: Massaging him with K-Y Love Passion Pleasure Gel does the trick
  • Cook: Preparing his favorite dish paves the way to his heart
  • Initiate: Instigating the first move intensifies his feelings
  • Compliment: Showering him with praise makes his day brighter
  • Unite: Making eye contact with sincerity fills him with love
  • Support: Encouraging his dreams and passions is everything
  • Share: Expressing heartfelt honesty breeds security
  • Show Off: Dressing up excites his sensual desires
  • Adore: Touching him affectionately shows you care

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