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couples massage

Discover new ways to unwind together by activating pressure points, stimulating erogenous zones, and relaxing muscles. 

For massaging him

  • Sit on his behind as you focus on his upper body
  • Relieve his tension in his back, neck and shoulders 
  • Release pressure in shoulder blade with gentle, karate chop motions
  • Rub his chest using the tip of your fingers
  • Stimulate nerve endings in his nipples with delicate tugs
  • Remind him to focus on taking deep breaths
  • Stroke his temples while his head rests in your lap

For massaging her

  • Warm K-Y Love Sensuality Pleasure Gel in your hands
  • Massage nerve endings in each foot before moving up her calves
  • Knead her behind with the palms of your hands
  • Press the small of her back to trigger sacral nerve flow
  • Gently rub her inner thighs region
  • Caress the stomach a few inches below the navel
  • Pinch her fingertips, toes, nose, and earlobes

For Both

Follow what feels good

Feeling inspired?