Natural Ways to Increase Sex Drive

Natural Ways to Increase Sex Drive

increase sex drive

Every once in a while, we can all use a little boost – and sometimes it can be in the libido department. Even if you and your partner are happy in your relationship, there is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your sex drive. After all, intimacy is an important part of a relationship. Here are some natural options that can help you get the little boost that you are looking for.

Pump it up

Regular exercise can help raise your sex drive. Not only does it get your blood moving, it helps rev up your hormones, too. Both endurance and resistance exercise increases the production of testosterone – and yes, women have it and need it, too, as it plays a key role in maintaining your libido.

Exercise can also help with specific areas such as your pelvic floor muscles, the muscles in your lower pelvis that support your reproductive system. Toning these muscles not only will help you feel and look great, but it can help strengthen your orgasms and increase your sexual satisfaction.  In terms of specific exercises, try deep squats and pelvic tilts to strengthen your core and increase blood flow to the parts that count. You don't need to join a gym. You can work out at home, in the park, or even with your partner – now there's a romantic jump-start!

Boost your adrenaline

Adrenaline, the hormone that prepares your body for a fight-or-flight situation, can also help increase your libido. Activities that briefly raise your stress level – in a good way – help increase your adrenaline, so that date you’ve been planning at the local roller coaster park is definitely on the menu. In fact, men and women find the opposite sex more alluring after being in an adrenaline-pumping situation, suggests a study published in the "Archives of Sexual Behavior." So instead of just having a romantic dinner for two, you might want to also consider going surfing or bungee jumping with your partner

Bliss out

Although a little bit of excitement gets your blood pumping and your hormones flowing, too much stress is a libido-killer. In that case, a little-concentrated relaxation may be in order. Try some gentle yoga or schedule yourself a massage. Do whatever you find the most relaxing. Remember that by taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of your intimate life.

Don't forget your vitamins and minerals

You can also change up your diet for an easy and natural libido lift. Seek out foods high in zinc such as oysters, red meat and sesame seeds. Zinc helps promote the production of testosterone. You can also try eating foods rich in allicin such as garlic and ginger. Allicin promotes good blood flow, another key to unlocking your libido. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in flaxseed, chia seeds, and fish, also allow for easier blood flow. That's one reason why caviar is considered an aphrodisiac.

Take a nap

Sometimes the cause of a decreased sex drive is simply a matter of not enough sleep. Try going to bed an hour earlier or sleeping in an hour later, if your schedule permits it. Practice good "sleep hygiene," too, which means maintaining a regular routine around sleep. Also, no laptops or smartphone browsing after tucking yourself in, as the bed is for one thing and one thing only, and that's sleeping. Well, OK, maybe two things.

Find time for play

If you really want to rev your engine, it might be time to try a vibrator like the K-Y® Pure Bliss™. Sometimes women (or their partners) worry that a vibrator will desensitize them; others fear that they'll get addicted to the easy pleasure a vibrator can bring. A Kinsey Institute study, published in "The Journal of Sex Medicine" in 2009, concluded that not only is vibrator use among women common, but it's also associated with health-promoting behaviors and positive sexual function. With all the positive effects, you better get buzzin’. Not ready for a vibrator? Try lubricants with an added sensation, like K-Y®Yours+Mine® for a totally new, unexpected experience.


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