Couple bringing in the new year together

New Year's Resolution Ideas for a Happier Relationship

We all know that New Year’s resolutions can often be fickle and hard to keep. But when your resolution involves somebody you love, you’re more likely to stick to it. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or have just started a new one, it is important to keep the spark going throughout the year. With this in mind, we have grouped together our top relationship tips that can keep your love strong and healthy all year round.

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Get out more

There is no better resolution than one that will enrich both your general life and your relationship. Sometimes relationships can become repetitive and even somewhat boring, so the perfect resolution is to simply get out more and improve both your lives.

Once a month, try a new restaurant neither of you have been to before. Or why not spend the weekend in a city that you both really want to visit? You could even just go to the theater to see a new movie. You will find that the more you go out with your partner and the more activities you try together, the more delightful memories you will make and ultimately create a better relationship.


Take up a new hobby

If you are both home bodies, sometimes it is best to cozy up in your home and take up a new hobby together. This will help you both bond and really make time to make quality experiences together. Start a hobby that you can both do together regularly and easily.

Sometimes hobbies can be enjoyed right from your bedroom. If you enjoy watching films, why not join an independent cinema club or make a list of movies you want to watch and once a month spend a night watching as many as you can from the list. You could also write reviews and read them to each other.

If you both love to read, you could join a book club or even make one of your own. Read the same book at the same time and get together to talk about it afterwards. You can pick books that you’ve always wanted to read out of a hat to decide.

You could both pick up a hobby that neither of you have considered before, such as crafting, knitting or cooking. Take cooking classes together or take it in turns to cook each other a new recipe.

These hobbies can all enrich your love; sharing something special together equates to a happy and successful relationship, whether you have been together for five days or five years.

Couple bringing in the new year together


Exercise together

According to[1], 45% of people said their resolution for 2018 was to lose weight or get in shape. Especially after the indulgences of Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, you may be feeling the need to get up and get active. So, if you’re looking to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship, why not get active together as a couple? You could both join the same gym and create workouts for each other, or even employ a personal trainer to help you work out at the same time.

If neither of you are keen on the gym, then why not head for a run in the great outdoors. Start by choosing a beautiful location that you both love and do one run a month. Soon you will love running so much that you will want to increase your monthly run to weekly ones! As you increase your cardio abilities, the healthier and happier you will feel physically.

Being active can boost your adrenaline and potentially your sex drive[2], so exercising could not only help you feel healthier in yourself but could benefit your partner too by performing better in the bedroom.


Do little things

Sometimes it is just the little things in life that matter. Your resolution this year could be to make a conscious effort to do the ‘little things’. Every now and then, leave notes for your partner around the house, send flowers to their work, do the chores when they least expect or do other small favors for them before they ask. This will help make your partner feel appreciated and happier day-to-day in the relationship.

If you’re a little forgetful, keeping this up throughout the entire year could be difficult, so set yourself calendar reminders to ‘do something little’ for your partner. That way you will never forget and they will always be pleasantly surprised.


Boost the passion in your sex life

One of the crucial parts of maintaining a happy relationship is by satisfying the needs and desires of your partner. Firstly, you should understand your partner’s sexual desires; whether they want to try role play, try out some new sex moves or simply to have sex more often, it is important to fulfil their sexual desires as well as your own.

Other ways to boost the passion in your sex life can include using personal massagers to make things interesting. If both you and your partner are seeking some adventure in bed. This year why not introduce a K-Y® sex toy to the bedroom to help reach new levels of satisfaction?

So, there you have it. Our favorite new year’s resolution ideas to improve your relationship for the better all year round. Whether you decide to take up a couple’s hobby, start working out together or make a conscious effort to improve both your sex lives, K-Y are here to aid you along the way to a happier and healthier relationship.


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[2] “This is how your exercise routine can improve your sex life” Health24, 02 June 2018


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