Pregnancy Decoded: What’s Up with those Dreams?

Every pregnancy has a story- from cravings to mood swings to weird aches and pains. But have you noticed your dreams are particularly vivid since you’ve been with child? Don’t worry,  you’re not alone.

According to Sallie Foley, a sex therapist and coauthor of Sex Matters for Women, it’s super normal to have sex dreams. About people other than your partner.  Here’s why:

It can be a pretty sexy time.  With extra blood flowing to your genitals, raised estrogen levels, and enlarged breasts, you may be feeling more sexual than ever. And it’s manifesting in your dreams- lust filled dreams are the product of your body changes- whether that’s a fearful thing or a joyful one.

Is dreaming about other men cheating? Heck no. Many pregnant women dream about other men- from old high school sweethearts to chance encounters in your 20s, it’s all fodder for those sexed up pregnancy dreams. According to the article, it may be a symbolic way to say goodbye to the life you had before partner and baby as a new era arrives- it’s all good. Don’t sweat it. 

Write it down. You may not want to write a screenplay about pregnancy sex dreams, but if you’re feeling troubled by what you’re dreaming about, keep a dream journal by your bed so you can jot down a note or two and try to figure out why on Earth you’re dreaming about the checkout guy at Trader Joe’s.

But wait, there’s women too. According to sex therapist Sally Foley, if you’re having sex with women in your dreams it’s due to a new appreciation of your sexy, powerful, and pregnant body. Appreciating your femininity may reveal itself by dreaming about encounters with women.

It can get fairly freaky. A funny round up on cafemom has women dreaming about everything from sex by themselves on a train track to making out with a women in the back room of a Mexican restaurant to getting off on watching the manager of the local grocery store have sex with a customer.  Amazing.

So when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee or adjust your body pillow, take heart. You’re not alone when it comes to these wild dreams, so rest up and enjoy the ride. It’s all good.