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Preparing for a First Date

Going on a date with someone new can be a nerve-wracking but exciting experience. From choosing the perfect outfit to figuring out what to say, there are a few things you can do to help calm your nerves while ensuring that your first date turns out a success.

Prepare some questions

Many first date anxieties fall down to worrying about potential awkward silences and the risk of not knowing what to say to the attractive person sitting across from you. To avoid a dull and frustrating experience, have 3-5 questions prepared that can serve as conversation starters. This way, it allows you to relax before and during your first date so you can be present in the moment, allowing you to connect with your date.

Dress to impress

Whether you care much about fashion or not, your outfit forms parts of your date's first impression of you. Dress as comfortable as possible but make sure to choose an outfit that not only suits your dress style but your date setting. Not only will your date be impressed, you will feel more confident and ready for the occasion.

Don a smile

An easy way to prepare for your date is to smile. Whether you decide to do it at home as you get ready, or walking into the venue for the first time, smiling releases feel-good hormones that help you feel more relaxed, happy, and optimistic. Make sure to greet your date with a winning smile and personality as this will help raise your spirits at key moments.

Limit expectations

First dates can be laden with expectations and can lead to disappointment or anxiety if expectations are not met. Throw any expectations that you may have about your date out the window and commit to accepting the date for what it will be. Not only will this help put you in a calmer frame of mind, but it will reduce any anxiety that may arise.

Make sure to relax

Nothing worsens first date anxieties than second guessing yourself out of a date. It's very easy to get anxious and think negatively while getting ready; however, to deal with bothersome thoughts or negative feelings that may arise, focus on the positive reasons why you said yes to your date and let your excitement show.