sex with a new partner

Being intimate with someone new can be fun, pleasurable as well as nerve-wracking. Like any relationship that is filled with romantic firsts, this is a memory that you'll remember forever. But with firsts also comes uncharted territory that can be a little daunting for the both of you.

However, there's no need to fret. Being intimate with someone new is truly a learning experience; after all, your new partner doesn't know your intimate desires yet - and vice-versa. If you approach your time together as an exploration and a fun beginning; you'll be able to laugh off any little bumps and really enjoy the moment.

Make sure you're ready

When it comes to sex, you are the only one who knows when the right time is. Choosing when you are ready will not only make sex more enjoyable, it can actually bring you both closer. Remember, it's important to feel comfortable and confident that the decision you make is the one you truly want.

Share what you like

The key to having really great sex is knowing what you like, what you enjoy and how you like to be touched. Don't be shy when it comes to talking about what you want. Chances are your partner will appreciate the guidance which will help create an intimate experience you'll both enjoy. For added excitement, try K-Y® Yours +Mine®, which provides two lubricants in one package, one designed specifically for him and one for her.

Use protection

When it comes down to being intimate, protection is key. Whether you have been mutually tested for sexually transmitted infection before, using condoms with your partner not only helps decrease the risk of infections and unplanned pregnancy, it will keep you both at ease.

Pick the right time

Choose a safe, stress-free place where you know that you're not going to be disturbed. You will need time and space to get comfortable with each other. This is a shared experience for the two of you, so it helps to make sure that you set the mood to one of intimacy.

Use foreplay

A great way of discovering what you or your partner like in a fun and intimate way is through foreplay. Not only does it help relax you both it's a nice way to ease into sexual comfort with a new partner. Use it as a great way to discover what you or your partner likes. As foreplay allows you and your partner to give to the other, it can help build an emotional connection and make the experience more enjoyable.

Have fun

Being with a new person can leave you a bit anxious and overwhelmed; however, remember to just have fun. Don't panic if things don't go exactly as planned; intimacy is full of surprises and excitement. For the best experience, you and your partner can have, go as slow as you wish and experiment to find out what you both enjoy. Remember, no matter how awkward the first time can be, enjoy the moment and each other.

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