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Romantic Games to Play at Home

romantic games for couples

Date night is important for keeping you and your partner connected. Whether it is a night out or a night in, carving out some time in your busy schedules for just the two of you can help increase satisfaction and emotional connection in your relationship. While going out for date night is certainly fun, a date night at home with romantic games can be just as enjoyable.

The good news is that romantic games are fun and easy! You can adapt almost any childhood game or board game into a romantic version with a few grown-up tweaks to the rules. So put down the remote and pick up the cards; it's a great way to feel like a kid again, but with all the perks of adulthood.


Scavenger hunt

For a day of romance, try creating a scavenger hunt for your partner. Not only can a romantic scavenger hunt last for as long as you want, but it’s sure to keep your partner's mind on romance all day. There are all kinds of ways to play, but the basic way to play is to hide romantic messages all over your home, with each message being a clue to the location of the next. 

Give your partner clues pertaining to your relationship, such as "look under the first gift you ever gave me." The final message should include some type of reward that the both of you can enjoy.


Truth or dare

Truth or dare is no longer just a silly game for pre-teens. In fact, when you place it in an adult setting, it actually gives you a fun excuse to reveal secret desires and to try new things with your significant other.

If you've never played, the concept is easy. Ask your partner to choose between truth or dare. If he chooses truth, ask him a question that he must answer truthfully. Use this chance to ask things like "would you be open to using a toy?" If he chooses dare, dare him to perform a sexy or romantic act. Try a new position or secret fantasy and see where things go! Once he's completed his turn, it’s your turn to choose truth or dare. This game is a great way to discover new things about each other and create some special memories that only the two of you will share.


Yes, No, Maybe, Please

Get closer to your partner with a fun game of "yes, no, maybe, please." How to play: Set a timer for 15, 20 or even 60 minutes and determine who is the “giver” and who is the “receiver”. The “giver” decides on an action, which can be anything from singing a song to talking about a specific feeling to kissing, which the “receiver” then decides to respond to with a yes, no, maybe or please.

So, let’s say the “giver” wants to feed his partner while she is blindfolded. The giver then asks the receiver for permission to perform the action. If she responds "yes," he will feed her once; if she says "no," he won’t feed her at all; if she says "maybe," she’s acting coy and might want to try it if persuaded (hint, hint … ask again!); and if she answers "please," she really likes the action and wants her partner do it more than once. 

As you can probably imagine, this game has many faces and can turn an evening into one of passionate romance, intense conversation or even silly entertainment. The game is always something new, challenges you to get creative and is the perfect opportunity to share with your partner what you like, and maybe what you have been thinking about but haven’t brought up.





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