older couple

The desire for closeness and sexual intimacy in a relationship doesn’t fade as you get older, and it is important to stay connected both emotionally and physically. Although capabilities and energy levels as you hit your 50s may not be what they used to be, being intimate regularly is a great way to deepen the bond you have with your partner and sustain a healthy, happy and balanced relationship.


Sexual problems

Unfortunately, more problems are likely to occur during sex as you age. These could be issues such as vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction and a lowered sex drive. However, these aren’t things to be disheartened by as there are ways to alleviate this. Lubricants are a great way to help lessen discomfort that may occur during sex as a result of vaginal dryness. If you are struggling with premature ejaculation, the K-Y® Duration™ Spray for Men is a great way to last longer and stay in the moment.


Deeper understanding

As you age, you gain a deeper understanding of what intimacy truly is. Whilst those in their younger years are still exploring what they like and feel comfortable with, as you hit your 50s you already know what you find enjoyable. You discover that intimacy can be fulfilled by touching, kissing or other intimate sexual contact that can be just as rewarding, and this new aptitude will bring you and your partner closer together.


Increase in confidence

With age, comes body changes. Whilst the changes in your body might not be what you anticipated, it’s important to accept them to feel comfortable and confident in your skin. When it comes to being physically intimate with your partner, confidence plays an important role. Feeling sexy and desirable can help result in better sex between you and your partner as you let your guard down. Confidence is key to feeling sexy, and will result in better sex. Attributes we develop over time such as confidence and knowledge are endearing, and can actually improve the way our partners perceive us.


Improving your relationship

Our daily lives can consist of busy work schedules and other personal commitments that can distract and remove us from spending quality time with our partners. However, as you get older and head into retirement, you can devote more time and energy on improving aspects of your relationship that were lacking. Whether it's finding a common hobby, traveling or spending more time in bed; finding something you and your partner can both enjoy is a great way to improve physical intimacy. 

Spontaneous sex

Studies show that women report having the best sex in their 20s, while for men it’s when they hit their 30s. This means that although you may have got older, sex becomes more fun and spontaneous than ever before. With more experience and confidence, sex becomes a lot more intimate and enjoyable. Whilst you are still susceptible to health issues such as STIs as you age, something to consider is that you can enjoy great sex without the worry of getting pregnant post menopause, so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying yourself.

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