when to move in together

Taking the next steps in your relationship can be an exciting experience for both you and your partner. However, it’s normal to feel a bit apprehensive when committing to such a life change. Whether you’ve been with your partner for a while or you just started dating, making the right decision can greatly impact your relationship. To make sure you feel the utmost confidence, there are tell-tale signs that you and your partner are ready to move in together. 

You know how to resolve arguments

Arguments are inevitable in relationships as no two people will have the same opinion on everything. While the saying opposite attracts, finding a healthy alternative to handling differences in a safe space can help resolve any tension or resentment that you both may feel. However, if you and your partner are struggling to find a way to discuss your feelings and resolve any differences that have occurred without having a massive blow out, then living together may not be the best decision at the minute. But if you two can address your concerns head-on and you both are open to feedback, you are well on your way to developing a great foundation that is sure to come handy when you move in together. 

You already spend a large proportion of time together

As a couple, you might already spend quite a lot of time together enjoying date night activities, but living together can expose you to another side of your partner that you haven’t witnessed before. Due to the larger amount of time that cohabitation brings, you may notice little quirks and habits that you were unaware of before. As living together brings a new level of understanding and compromise to a relationship, it’s important to understand how to work alongside one another before committing to living under the same roof. However, if you and your partner spend the majority of time at one another’s place and the majority of your items are already there, you are just one step away from owning your own keys. 

"It’s not until your relationship has passed the honeymoon stage that you can see your partner's true colors and understand who they really are."

You’ve already discussed your future

Sharing your goals and future plans with your partner can be a healthy form of communication before you decide to move in together. Discussing any concerns and deal-breakers before moving in can help mitigate any concerns you two may have in the future when you decide to move in. together is a healthy part of a relationship in a relationship, and this is something that should be highlighted before you commit to living together. Before moving in, discussing any concerns and deal-breakers you might have can help mitigate any concerns you and your partner may have. Making sure that you and your partner are a happy ending. It’s vital that your future dreams and plans match up and that you are working towards the same goal – otherwise, this could be a painful realization in the long run.

You’ve discussed the finances

Discussing finances can be a tricky situation but if you and your partner have navigated this area, you both are on the right track. Not only does living together give you an advantage of combining incomes, it can help condense certain sets of bills. However, it is important to take into consideration the financial situation of your partner before taking the final step. Sharing any concerns, you might have with your partner can avoid any hiccups or pressures that moving in might have. 

You know each other properly

It’s not until your relationship has passed the honeymoon stage that you can see your partner's true colors and understand who they really are. As your time together becomes less about impressing each other and more around growing together as a couple, this is the perfect time to assess your commitment to one another before you make the big move.

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