As winter approaches and you begin to wrap up warmly and have more cozy nights in, you’ll probably be looking for new things to try in bed with your partner in order to spice things up and stay warm under the sheets. Here at K-Y® we have put together a range of exciting things to try in bed to get your heart racing and your temperature rising this winter.


Truth or Dare?

Getting into bed and playing Truth or Dare is a fun and exciting way to discover new things about each other. It gives you the perfect excuse to reveal secret desires and try out new bedroom activities.

The concept of the game is easy to understand. One of you goes first and asks the other to choose between truth or dare. If your partner chooses ‘truth’ you can ask them any question you like, and they must answer truthfully. This is the perfect way to find out what you’ve been secretly wanting to know whether it be about their past, future, or what they like in the bedroom – there’s no limit to what you can ask!

If your partner chooses ‘dare’, you can dare them to do anything you want. Take this as the perfect opportunity for some bed play and ask them to perform a sexy or romantic act and see where it takes you.

Once your partner has taken their first go, it’s your turn to choose. This game is a great way to connect with each other while having fun.

Sex positions

Discuss Your Sensual Desires

Turn up the bedroom heat and fantasize out loud with each other. Communication is key within a relationship and nothing helps a person open up more than lying under the sheets together. Discuss what you’d like to experience with each other, or what one of you has done in the past that you’d like them to do again because it was a complete turn on.

The relaxed atmosphere of your bedroom will help make you feel comfortable and encourage you to share your thoughts. Discussing your wants and fantasies in the bedroom will give you fun things to try in bed with each other and is a good way to get both your hearts racing and ready for some fun.


Get Playful

Get playful and spice things up with sensual tools and products that will help ignite the intimate connection between you both. For a night in between the sheets try out something that both of you can enjoy such as K-Y® Natural Feeling Personal Lube & Massage Gel®.

Free from artificial ingredients, this could help you both have a great, sensual experience! With K-Y® Natural Feeling Personal Lube & Massage Gel®, you’re able to use this as a massage gel as well as a lube. Take turns to gently massage each other to get you both prepared and heated up, then enjoy it together during intimacy, and be sure to use as directed.


Winter Sex Positions

There’s no better way to stay warm in the winter season than sex under the covers! Brave the cold by having a night of passion with your partner and try out different sex positions that could heat things up in no time. A few of our favorite winter positions are below:


Spooning Sex Position

Spooning is the perfect winter sex position because it allows you to cuddle up to each other and keep warm. With both of you laying on your side facing away from each other, the man enters from behind. This position gives you both the opportunity to control the depth and pace of thrusting and allows you to work with your hands giving ultimate pleasure. With this position, things could get heated in no time!


Hot Doggy

Hot doggy is just doggy style but modified to keep you warm – the perfect option for you this winter. Instead of you getting on your hands and knees, lie flat on the bed and have your partner lay over you, entering you from behind. This position gives you skin on skin contact and the warmth and closeness you desire in the cold weather. For extra warmth have your partner pull the covers over the both of you, and the temperature will quickly rise. 


Wrapped Lotus

For an extremely intimate position that could help raise your temperature try out the wrapped lotus. With your partner sitting up on the bed, climb onto their lap so you’re facing each other and wrap your legs around him whilst holding onto him for support. As you go to sit, grab the covers and wrap them around you both so you’re extremely close. A perfect position for an intimate connection that will heat you both up.

Having to spend winter nights indoors doesn’t always have to be boring and a bad thing - with the above suggestions you could experience a night of hot passion with your partner and you’ll never want to go out again!

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